Brother Brad's Favourite Tunes

Shaun and Justin Bradley of Sydney rock 'n' soul band Brother Brad have each selected ten of their favourite and most-listened to artists and songs. The mix of blasts of indie rock with classic soul and country is no surprise given their elastic, funky sound. 

Shaun writes: Justin and I literally sat across the room from each other, wrote out our list, eager to see if there would be any crossovers. At the top of both of our lists, both of our number one selections was The Rhythm by The Cat Empire.

Shaun’s selections:

The Cat Empire – "The Rhythm"

Love The Cat Empire. Probably my favourite band. This track is so sexy – the Latin feel sends you on a romantic rendezvous. Dig the trumpet theme too.

Sticky Fingers – "Kiss the Breeze"

Big fan of Sticky. We actually went to school with some of the boys. This track is laid-back, but delivered with such intent and feeling.

Starla – "Burn"

Sydney has so much unknown talent. Starla have one of the most killer EP’s - I struggled to select just one song. Soulful vocals, heartfelt songwriting, an artist to watch!

Chris Stapleton – "What Are You Listening To?"

A classic country voice. This tune has gotten me through some tough times.

John Legend – "She Don’t Have to Know"

Can’t deny my RnB background. A bit of cheeky mischief never hurt anyone.

Aretha Franklin – "Maybe I’m a Fool"

One of the all-time greats. Aretha does things in this track vocally which I’ve never heard elsewhere.

Marcus Marr and Chet Faker – "The Trouble with Us"

A banger of a tune. This one gets cranked at home before a night out.

2 favourite lyrics:

“You let me under your dress…but you won’t show me your heart.

“We’re in the season of deliberately needing a fire to burn in our hearts”

YUNGBLUD – "I Love You Will You Marry Me"

Just heard this song on the weekend, and I love it. A quirky take on modern romance and the confines of societal rule. Does this track have a Banksy reference? Really cool tune.

Jason Mraz – "Butterfly"

A fun-loving, sexy, groovy track filled with punchy horn lines. This track has definitely influenced and inspired our own sound and songwriting.

Lime Cordiale – "Temper Temper"

A recent Lime Cordiale convert. Another awesome Sydney outfit. Temper Temper is a catchy track that captures the all-too-familiar push and pull of romantic pursuits.

Justin’s selections:

Mumford & Sons – "I Will Wait"

These boys put on such an amazing live show; I’ll never forget it. Their harmonies and energy on stage is out of this world.

Labyrinth - "Jealous"

Holy moly, does this bloke have a voice or what? I literally listen to this song every single day.

Louis Prima - "Oh Marie"

Growing up listening to this legend of comic jazz, he’s had such an influence on my musical tastes and is always a party favourite.

Bruno Mars - "Versace on the Floor"

The man is a genius. Every song of his is brilliantly written, but this one is my current favourite.

The Kooks - "She Moves in Her Own Way"

These guys were my main jams in high school. Love their vibes and unique sound.

Michael Jackson - "Human Nature"

A list wouldn't be a list, without the King. MJ is my biggest idol. Ya’ll know him, enough said.

Etta James - "At Last"

What a voice. What a song. What a woman.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - "Same Love"

It may have made a resurgence as the new flavour of the month, but this song is timeless and will go down as one of the most influential and memorable songs of my youth.

Paramore - "We are Broken"

15-year-old Justin loved the hell out of this band. 11 years on and they're still pumping out brilliant music. Haley Williams (lead singer) is incredible.

Jamiroquai – "Little L"

The modern funk-man himself. Dig Jamiroquai’s vibe and energy, guaranteed to get people dancing and groovin’ along.

Catch Brother Brad at Oxford Art Factory on Friday October 13th launching their new single "Gotta Be."