Canisha : Take You Home

Rebecca Varidel
5th Feb 2023

First Nations (Palawa) artist CANISHA is excited for the release of her debut single Take You Home available on all streaming platforms 10 February 2023.

She shares an important message and one we could all do well to remember. Canisha’s debut single Take You Home is a funky, soulful track that tells the story of when Canisha realised that she’d rather be alone than be with someone that treated her poorly and was only around when alcohol was involved. Take You Home tells the story of Canisha finding the strength to leave that toxic relationship. Canisha has connected more deeply with her strength in writing this song and continues on her journey of empowerment in sharing her stories through music.

Canisha is a soulful singer with an edge, a lyricist whose emotive and playful music captivates and draws you in. Don't you love this story of passion and commitment, that Canisha started her musical journey busking, with just an amp and microphone. There is a freshness and raw energy to her music that comes from her time busking on busy city streets. And she feels at home when performing where she can be her raw and authentic self.

Last year Canisha put herself on the map, performing alongside Adam Briggs, and other First Nations Artists at the Bad Apples House Party. This opened many doors for Canisha, leading to securing a slot at the 2023 St Kilda Music Festival and headlining Melbourne’s Blak Stage at the Retreat Hotel. Now Sydney can share in her success supporting her first single. It's a beautiful track, listen up!