Comic Con

Michelle Ng
12th Sep 2016

Five Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Comic Con

I’ve seen my fair share of Comic Cons and festivals, and there always those revellers who come prepared because they are smart enough to plan out their days and those that leave with regrets because they have no idea what is going on. Now, you don’t want to be one of those who wastes their weekend do you? Based on my previous experience as a Comic Con attendee and volunteer, I give you my five top tips on how to ensure that you get the best experience for what you paid!

1. Check the lineup. This is one of the major points because you would want to see who is coming, and if its worth it to get the platinum pass (it might be worth for San Diego Comic Con, but it’s honestly a waste of money in Sydney unless you really want to spend a hundred and thirty bucks instead of waiting in line for an hour. You could spend that cash getting that super cool light saber or colored contacts lens instead.

2. Plan your schedule to ensure that you get to all your events! I’ve had people tell me that they came without reading the schedule and was upset because they missed Karl Urban’s photo session. Another visitor accidentally bought special panel tickets for the same time, and had to give one up.

3. Cosplay! There are TONS of easy characters out there if you don’t feel like dropping 200 bucks and 50 hours on a costume for a couple of hours, and trust me, when you dress up, you’ll have tons of fun taking photos and meeting other people. My advice for those who are cosplaying for the first time to pick one costume that is not that common. If you pick one.

4. Bring loads of cash. There are tons upon tons of merch on sale, and some of them are limited edition merchandise that I guarantee you’ll probably regret not getting once you’ve blown the con. Plus note all stalls except cards, and the queues for ATMs? Forget it unless you want to spend an hour standing in line.

5. If you can only choose to attend one day, Sunday is the best day. Sunday is when it’s slightly quieter, the better costumes all come out for a parade and (best of all!) stalls slash prices an hour before closing to get rid of all their stock. Plus, all the headlining and major events are more likely to happen then as well.

There you go. My top five tips I’ve learnt! Comic Con is one for those geeks who love cartoons and all the weird characters that you come across and for those who just want to do some character spotting. I get so excited.

Going to a comic convention is certainly a lifetime experience. Some people stop at one, but I think I’m going to keep going. Comic Con will be back next year, and do say hi if you see me!