Darkfield Flight Powerhouse Ultimo

Rebecca Varidel
11th Mar 2023

DARKFIELD will make its long-awaited return to Sydney with two of its acclaimed 360-degree sensory experiences, SÉANCE and FLIGHT, arriving at Powerhouse Ultimo on 13 April 2023 for a strictly limited season.

FLIGHT takes audience members through two worlds, two realities and two possible outcomes to their journey. The ‘many worlds’ interpretation of quantum mechanics proposes all possible outcomes that could occur are occurring in countless worlds of varying similarity.

Find comfort in knowing that however ill-advised your choices have been, there is a version of you who made better ones and is suffering less regret and embarrassment.

Sitting at the nexus of technology and theatre, these stunningly crafted, mind-bending shows unfold inside the total darkness of transformed shipping containers. Audiences are taken on a deeply immersive journey that challenges their sense of what is real, and what is imagined, to spine-chilling effect.

The season marks the NSW premiere of FLIGHT, while SÉANCE is returning for the first time since it captivated the city on its debut in 2017.

Realscape Productions co-producer Amy Johnson shared her excitement to have found the perfect home for DARKFIELD’s return to Sydney:

“We invest a lot of time in looking for the right space to house our productions, and so to be presenting these at Powerhouse Ultimo, one of the country’s most innovative cultural institutions, feels really special to us.

“We’re truly delighted to be bringing our original production of SÉANCE back to Sydney for those who missed out or are eager to experience it again, and of course, we can’t wait to see the reactions of audiences as they experience FLIGHT for the first time.”

FLIGHT and SÉANCE are created by UK-based creative directors and DARKFIELD founders Glen Neath and David Rosenberg. Australian producers Amy Johnson and Nathan Alexander of Realscape Productions have been collaborating with DARKFIELD since late 2017. Shows are crafted in the UK before the Australian team works to shape and adjust each experience for local audiences.

There are currently four critically-acclaimed DARKFIELD experiences touring Australia, including SÉANCE, FLIGHT, EULOGY and COMA. Plans are currently underway to develop new shows and to revive the hair-raising at-home experiences, Darkfield Radio.

SÉANCE is an intense sonic performance that explores the psychology of a group of people who have been bombarded with suggestible material. In complete darkness, your senses become vulnerable to persuasion. They only ask that you proceed with an open mind.

Step inside, take a seat but don't get comfortable.