Debut Album Final Girl, Eilish Gilligan

Rebecca Varidel
16th Feb 2024

Award-winning Australian musician, producer and writer Eilish Gilligan has today released her long-awaited debut album Final Girl. You can stream it here.

Final Girl was years in the making. After finding national success with her popular single S.M.F.Y in 2018, Eilish went on to write, produce and release a run of singles and EPs and tour the country with the likes of SAFIA, Alex Lahey, Betty Who and more. Inspired by her love for all things horror, there is an earnestness to the album title that brings it all together.

“When it comes to my music career, at the end of the day, I am the last one standing in a room that over the years has had a lot of people filtering in and out. I feel like many artists will be able to relate to that – the idea that when all is said and done, YOU, and you alone, are the person who lives and breathes the art you make. I think it’s good to remember that throughout the peaks and troughs of an artistic career.”

Final Girl was self-written, and produced by Eilish and her long-time friend and collaborator Gab Strum, mixed by Hamish Patrick, and mastered by Matthew Agoglia. Additional production was provided by Max Dowling and Graham Ritchie. Eilish thanks Luke Howard for generously welcoming her into his studio to record the track Angel Face.

Final Girl is an electro-pop album, but with an eccentric twist that is so unique to Eilish. The piano features heavily, as Eilish’s first instrument – an homage to the very beginning of her relationship with music. Her voice is full-bodied and expressive as always; her lyrics are devastating, hopeful and poignant all at once.

In 2023, Eilish began writing and scripting for one of Australia’s biggest podcasts, SCANDAL by Shameless Podcast. Quickly turning her obsession with pop culture and narrative to her new role a pop culture journalist, Eilish’s own podcast Stranger Than Fiction has reached hundreds of thousands of listeners since its debut with The Shameless Book Club in August 2023.

Photo by Katy Roubin