Dream Lover

Rebecca Varidel
6th Oct 2016

You might have heard the song.

"Every night I hope and pray
A dream lover will come my way
A girl to hold in my arms
And know the magic of her charms
'Cause I want (yeah-yeah, yeah)
A girl (yeah-yeah, yeah)
To call (yeah-yeah, yeah)
My own (yeah-yeah)
I want a dream lover
So I don't have to dream alone"

Dream Lover a new musical theatre production which opens at the Lyric Theatre tonight is so much more than the story of this song, and of Bobby Darin. It is a musical about big dreams, having them, and holding onto them.

Dream Lover is also a wonderful journey in musical history that spans Vaudeville, 50s lounge music, Las Vegas showgirls and even protest songs.

Expect the unexpected as this brilliant show diverts from the traditional musical theatre format and explores a creative direction rarely seen in larger mainstream theatres. And Dream Lover does it splendidly with an 18 piece big band on stage supporting the glittery night club action.

David Campbell as Bobby Darin provides a wholistic performance that perfects each of the musical styles of three decades, in song and stage performance, in ever click of the fingers, in ever swing of the hips, yet also carries bravado and sensitivity, strength and vulnerability, power and nuance.

As Sandra Dee, Hannah Fredericksen delivers an extraordinary vocal range with exciting clarity. Fredericksen's path from adolescence to martini drinking wife then to serenity carries enormous conviction through its different phases. Alongside Campbell she takes this show from an underdog to the must see show of this year. Helpmann Award winner Caroline O'Connor, and Martin Crewes also shine in an enormously strong cast that includes Marnie McQueen, Bert LaBonte and in ensemble and swing roles from Danielle Barnes, Justin Stewart Cotta, Xander Ellis, Matt Hamilton, Andrew Kroenert, Jessica Lindon, Tim Maddren, Phoebe Panaretos, Natasha Paramor, Joshua Robson, Michelle Smitheram, Suzanne Steele, Ellen Sutton, Riley Sutton, Jack Van Staveren and Jayde Westaby, with Kyle Banfield, Nicholas Cradock and Brendan Godwin alternating in the role of the young Bobby Darin.

Outstanding authentic vintage choreographer from Andrew Hallwarth makes dance another star of this stage, alongside an amazing array of costumes from Tim Chappell.

While Dream Lover is an outstanding showcase of mid-century music, that will delight those familiar with the music of the era, Dream Lover will also delight every musical theatre lover, as well as anyone who has an interest in music. Not to be missed!


Photos by Brian Geach