Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Nicki Alchin
25th Mar 2021

Dining in a true comedic situation is an absolute hoot, especially if you get all the inside jokes and can add your two cents worth of banter as recently discovered by Sydney Scoop at the Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House.

For Sydney fans of the 1970s British hit sitcom, Faulty Towers, this type of theatrical adventure can become a reality all thanks to the talented team at "Faulty Towers The Original Dining Experience".

In its 9th season internationally, the tribute show began in Brisbane circa 1997. Performed many a time in the Emerald City, Sydneysiders can once again in 2021 get amongst the chaotic drama of dinner service at the infamous seaside hotel run by Basil and Sybil Fawlty and their Spanish waiter, Manuel, played by Jack Newell, Monique Lewis and Anthony Sottile in the current Australian season.

As a fully immersive, highly interactive, 70 per cent improvised theatre restaurant event, the show begins upon check in with Sybil greeting you as the maître d'hôtel. It is therefore highly recommend that punters be primed from the word go with their Faulty Towers knowledge and comebacks.

If you're extremely lucky, you could be led to your table by both Manuel and Basil. In that case, dont forget to duck as the barbs fly between Basil and Sybil as Manuel runs in circles dodging Basil's whacks. Expect the unexpected, at all times. It is all part of the show.

To achieve an evening of side splitting fun, play along, interact, but most importantly laugh in between your mouthfuls of a delicious alternate-serve, three course dinner. Throw in some well-known lines from the TV series for added authenticity. If you're heard by the actors and it fits in with their line of improvision, you may be rewarded with a response.

Many a friend had raved about a past visit to the show. To our delight, it actually surpassed our expectations due to the ability of the actors to rebound from the audience's dialogue. We had a highly amusing time, revelling in some very famous scenarios from the series being re-enacted as well as having the rare luxury of becoming for the evening, one of the many bewildered guests entering the baffling world of Fawlty Towers.

Rush to get your tickets for the limited 2021 Sydney season May 15, Sept 25 and Dec 4 at the Castlereagh Boutique Hotel. as the shows WILL sell out. Definitely don't walk, but run to select your tickets NOW at