Healing Soul Dance Soul Song: Interview with Master Mirva

Rebecca Varidel
11th Nov 2016

After a recent soul healing weekend workshop in Sydney, we chatted with Master Mirva Inkeri about the power of soul dance.

The Tao singing and dancing workshops, and sometimes music, they're healing workshops.

That's right. They come from two basic principles that everyone has a soul, whether that's a human being or whether that's an animal, for example. Your beloved pet, pet dog cat bird, has a soul.

The second principle- Every soul has the power to heal, and when we heal the soul first the mind and the body will follow.

So there are 21st century healing tools, that my teacher Dr and Master Sha has written many books about and I have had the privilege to study and learn.

Some of these are soul dance, soul song, and soul music. They come from the power of the soul, but they are not planned by the mind, like you don't plan to play a melody that you know, you don't plan to sing a song that you know, you open and release your own soul's song, music movement or dance. That is an innate healing tool, you me everybody has. We just need to learn how to release it, how to open that channel and use it and benefit from it.

So you have weekly workshops, and you also have a five day workshop coming up. Can you tell me about the five day workshop, what people can expect please?

Right. This is a big thing. This is happening for the first time in Australia. This is a Tao Song Tao Dance Healer Retreat training program. People can qualify as healers using their soul song and soul dance and to receive a particular healing transmission. That is for those that are ready and interested in gaining that kind of healing power.

Otherwise, for everybody else, this is the training that teaches you where to access that power of your soul, how to access it. Where is it in the body? Where is it in your consciousness? And finally, how does it come from your soul?

You talked about Dr and Master Sha before, can you explain a little bit more about his Tao teachings please?

So in Master Sha's teaching, Tao is the Source, the Creator. Tao is the way of all life. Tao is the universals laws and the univeral principles. It is not the religion Taoism. He calls it the Divine Tao, that comes from the Source flow to offer wisdom and knowledge to really understand how life works. How does everything work? I love that part because I always wanted to know how life works.

(giggles and giggles)

So, we're going to learn that in this workshop?

Some basic principles, but there are other workshops for that. This workshop is about how do we first open our own souls innate healing tools of soul song and soul dance, and then how we can uplift their power to the Tao power through specific Divine and Tao blessings so that they carry higher a more powerful frequency and vibration, so that we have more healing power, more life transformation power.

The Dance Of Heart and Soul Sessions are each Sunday November 13th and 20th.

Tao Song Tao Dance Certification Retreat
Sydney December 10th – 14th.

When we sing Tao Song or move with Tao Dance, we are connecting with Source frequency and vibration. Sing Tao Song to go into the “hero condition”. Perform Tao Dance to improve your energy, stamina, vitality and immunity. Accomplish healing, rejuvenation and transformation of any aspect of life with Tao Song and Tao Dance. Become and Tao Song Tao Dance healer and be greatly empowered to remove soul, heart, mind and body blockages for yourself and others.

More information: Giota SoulMindBodyHealingCentre.Sydney@DrSha.com or 0421529519