HiJacked Rabbit: Four New Australian Plays

Scott Wallace
29th Oct 2017

JackRabbit Theatre presents four fresh new Australian plays as part of HiJacked Rabbit, its new short play season, playing at Sydney's Blood Moon Theatre from 31st October - 11th November.

This latest incarnation from the company that brought you Front, Sex Object and Dirty People, promises to give audiences two weeks of jam packed laughs and entertaining theatre.

The season will comprise of two to four plays each evening, giving audiences the opportunity to see duos of exceptionally written and performed productions. 

The ensemble for the season comprises of some of Sydney’s best up and coming talent, including professional stage and screen actors Jane Watt (The War that Changed Us, ABC and Wakefield, Old 505) , Adam Sollis (Riot, ABC and Tonsils & Tweezers, Black Swan State Theatre Company) and James Sweeny (The Secret Daughter, Molly, Brock, Neighbours, Love Child and As You Like It, Laughter on the 23rd Floor, The Caucasian Chalk Circle and Tartuffe for Black Swan State Theatre Company).

HiJacked Rabbit plays at Sydney's Blood Moon Theatre from 31st October - 11th November. Don't miss this exciting short play season, by the theatre company that continues to set a new benchmark for fresh, creative and entertaining independent theatre. 

Get set to be HiJacked. Buy tickets here now and find more info about the four shows below.


“Sometimes life can be a real cunt but sometimes it’s the most beautifulest thing in the whole world. So we hold onto that. Ya know. That something nice might happen. That someone nice might happen. And then what do you know, we’re doing it. We’re living”

Winnie lives in an airport. She didn’t always live in an airport, but she does now. She likes it though. She loves the tension, the high stress situations, watching people crack under the pressure. She’ll chat to anyone who’ll sit still long enough and hand out advice like candies, though it’s easy to hold the mirror up for others because we don’t have to look at ourselves.   

With a heavy dose of whimsy, Gate 64 is a playful look at life on the fringes. Stories that have been meticulously collected like stamps are presented with pride and expertise by our host and raconteur, Winnie. 

Written & performed by Jane Watt

Directed by Michael Abercromby


Hit is a blisteringly paced new comedy by writer/director Lincoln Vickery that follows David, a man who comes home to find his boyfriend Marlon has shot a woman dead, her body on the lounge room floor.

Starring Seamus Quinn, Adam Sollis, Elle Harris and Emma O'Sullivan, Hit is an action packed 50 minutes of danger, meditation and salmon. 

There's shouting, there's guns, there's a stand-off at the end...it's a show about love. 

Written & Directed by Lincoln Vickery

With Seamus Quinn, Adam Sollis, Elle Harris and Emma O'Sullivan


As WW3 approaches don't get complacent, get in the bunker - Judy's bunker. We should all be planning, we should all be worried...

...But Judy says; "Relax! I've done all the worrying for you!"

As shit gets WW3 real on the streets of Sydney, Judy will give you a full run down of a bunker that's beyond your wildest dreams. Yes we'll be in hiding, and yes there'll be rules but it's ok... 

...Because Judy's got a plan. 

Written & performed by Emma O’Sullivan

Directed by Charlotte Devenport


Gwen and Sue. Gonna smash ya face. Just say when. Anytime. Anyplace.

Don’t wrong Gwen and Sue. They’re bad. They’re the first drug dealers the world has ever seen. Well, 10,000 years ago they called it drugs, now we just call it ‘fruit’. They sell all the good stuff: bananas, apples, melon, oranges and a giddy new discovery they call pashing-fruit.  However, when their hard-earned profits get snatched and their next exploration is in jeopardy – they must teach the slimy thief a lesson and take back what is rightfully theirs.

Written by James Sweeny

Directed by Charlotte Devenport

With Michael Abercromby, Zoe Jensen & Jane Watt