Korean Film Festival 2023

Rebecca Varidel
28th Jul 2023

The Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA) makes its triumphant return in 2023, showcasing an impressive lineup of highly acclaimed and captivating Korean films.

KOFFIA 2023 will offer a dazzling array of cinema across genres, showcasing the brilliance and diversity of Korean filmmaking.

From comedy and romance to thrilling mysteries, this year's festival promises a diverse array of films that have been making waves internationally. The festival kicks off in Sydney (August 24 -29), before heading off nationally.

KOFFIA Programmer Francis Lee said, “Our 2023 Festival program is designed to appeal to a broad audience, offering something for everyone – be they casual viewers or die-hard film enthusiasts, promising a vivid and enriching journey through the multi-faceted realm of human experiences.”

“We hope that KOFFIA continues to facilitate the appreciation of Korean film artistry and culture in Australia, bringing audiences closer to the unique blend of storytelling, cinematography, and performances that have garnered global recognition.”

Leading the program is the comedic hit 6/45 by director Park Gyu Tae. This box-office sensation uses comedy to navigate the fraught relations between North and South Korea, presenting a narrative about soldiers from both sides dealing with a serendipitous windfall.

Confession by director Yoon Jong-seok brings a riveting locked-room murder mystery to the screen. This thrilling narrative weaves a tale of guilt, innocence, and the pursuit of truth that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

From the director Kim Kyoung-won, Gentleman tells the story of Hyeon Soo, a private detective CEO, falsely accused of a crime. This engaging crime drama is bound to keep you hooked till the very end.

Set in early 1900s Korea during Japanese colonial rule, Hero pays homage to a Korean independence activist's final days, delivered through the power of music and song. Additionally, Life is Beautiful is a touching musical drama that follows a husband's journey to find his wife's childhood sweetheart. The narrative effortlessly combines elements of drama, music, and love.

Premiering at Cannes 2022, Next Sohee from director Jung July is a critical examination of labour exploitation. This poignant drama follows a young woman's tragic journey in an unforgiving work environment.

Romance enthusiasts will enjoy Nothing Serious from director Jeong Ga Young and Someone You Loved from director Hyung Seul-woo, exploring the joys, sorrows, and complexities of modern love.

Remember is a gripping tale about an octogenarian Alzheimer's patient seeking revenge for his family's loss during the Japanese colonial era.

In the hilarious Switch, a popular celebrity finds himself in an alternate life, while Lee Won-tae's thriller The Devil's Deal delves into the dark world of politics and revenge.

Rounding off our selection, The Night Owl is a captivating thriller that delves into the story of a day-blind acupuncturist whose unique nocturnal vision leads him into a perilous royal intrigue. While, The Point Men offers an intense action drama about Korean vacationers entangled in a dangerous situation with a Taliban faction in Afghanistan.

To further enrich the Korean Film Festival experience, KOFFIA 2023 will feature insightful filmmaker Q&As including the Opening Night Q&A with Director AN Tae-Jin for The Night Owl, as well as an intriguing discussion with Director LEE Won-Tae after the screening of The Devil's Deal. Additionally, KOFFIA, in collaboration with the Art Gallery of NSW, presents a special talk titled Hallyu! A Personal Reflection by KIM Dong-ho, the founder of the Busan International Film Festival. This insightful talk will delve into the rise of Korean culture and its global impact, particularly in the realm of cinema.

The Korean Film Festival in Australia invites audiences to experience the vibrancy, artistry, and cultural significance of Korean cinema. Visit the KOFFIA website to plan ahead and the ticket links will be activated at least 3 weeks prior to the screenings.

August 24 - 29 | Event Cinema George Street, Sydney