Lazy Colts: Trojan

Nicki Alchin
5th Aug 2016

If you are a fan of a big sweeping, all encompassing, dramatic orchestral cinematic alt-folk sound then Lazy Colts' debut album, Trojan is for you. 

With these eight songs your ears and imagination will be drawn into wide, picturesque, climax building music - seduced by the album's gentle yet majestic musicality. 

"Slackjaw" is an opening track that commands your attention instantly. The stark, up front vocals of Lacey Cole are used to maximum effect to create an atmosphere full of drama and mystery. Intense swirling notes are pulled from an arrangement encompassing all the band has to offer. I was especially drawn in by the rich deep keys of Sinj Clarke that start the track and towards the end the rat-a-tat-tat drumming of Craig Collier that helps brings it all together with an intense climatic rush of breathtaking and electrifying passion. 

Then into "22," a reflective, poignant and emotional comment on youth. Lacey Cole's melodic and gentle vocals brood and appeal to our heart strings. They are backed up with a stunning graceful musical lushness especially once again from those keys of Sinj Clarke and then quietly from out of nowhere we hear the haunting strains of violin played by Michael Bridges reminiscent of Amanda Brown of The Go-Betweens. 

It has to be said that Sinj's mastery of the keyboard brings to mind David Bridie, that giant of Australian alt-folk known especially for his time in Not Drowning Waving and My Friend the Chocolate Cake. 

"I Be Fire" is a bouncey countrified tune that uses to full advantage Bridges' skilful violin playing. We also hear a jaunty drumming style from Craig. The guitar and bass come more into the front on this tune than the previous two. 

The styles of the first three songs are carried across the album. Each song touch your senses on many different levels. There are many instances of feeling drawn into a musical rabbit hole dreamscape where big brushstrokes are made at every turn. This is an album to gather yourself into a cosy loved up corner so you can enjoy the romance of words and music that Lazy Colts evoke throughout. 

Towards the end of Trojan you will find "Kraken." It stirs up deep emotional feelings and sets your imagination and passions soaring. This could have been the album's closer. However, instead of ending with a bold brash sound, Lazy Colts ends Trojan with a quieter track, "Make Like a Stone." With lyrics that folk veteran Suzanne Vega would be proud of, "Make Like a Stone" is moving and earnest. The tone is sombre and its tune hangs in the air and reverberates in your mind. It is a perfect mix of lyrics, vocals and instrumentality that creates a memorable and lingering finale. 

Lazy Colts' Trojan is a fine album. There is much to enjoy from start to finish. If you have not yet discovered Lazy Colts, the album is the perfect entry point to their world.

Trojan is out now and you can also catch Lazy Colts live in Sydney as part of the album tour on Sunday, 28 August at Oxford Circus, 231 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst (the latest venture from the team of Low 302).