Paul Dyer: Five Things I Love About Sydney

Rebecca Varidel
21st Feb 2024

Musician, conductor and Artistic Director of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Paul Dyer has spent a great deal of his early career travelling the globe. Paul has performed in New York, Europe, the Middle East and everywhere in between, while still calling Australia home. A Paddington local, Paul enjoys all the sunshine, beaches and culture that Sydney has to offer. You can see Paul live on stage in the Brandenburg’s latest concert Notre-Dame. The series commemorates eight centuries of exquisite music performed within Notre-Dame de Paris. It is a story told in a moving theatrical experience of spoken word with a mesmerising film component. Notre-Dame opens in Sydney on 27 February 2024 at 7pm.

How do you seek adventure in Sydney?

When I’m not at rehearsals or performing in the concert hall I try to be outdoors as much as possible. I love to go snorkelling, and Sydney has so many great spots for that but a personal favourite is Shelly Beach at Manly. It feels secluded yet still accessible and you can see some truly amazing things like seahorses, blue gropers, wobbegongs and even the occasional dolphin.

Where do you love to dine out in Sydney?

I am honoured to call acclaimed local Chef, Luke Mangan, a friend. Luke’s Kitchen at the Kimpton Margot Hotel was a delightful addition to Sydney’s already incredible culinary landscape, when it opened in 2022. When you walk into the marbled lobby of this glamourous old-world hotel, the heritage features and art-deco interiors just take your breath away. Luke was trained under French chef’s and the whole menu is French inspired. Very on brand for our upcoming Concert series Notre-Dame actually! I think we are overdue for a post-concert meal there, so will need to lock that in for next week. It’s only 2 stops on the tram to Luke’s Kitchen from City Recital Hall where we perform!

Where in Sydney do you like to swim?

Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool is a beautiful spot for a swim. Nestled into the Sydney Botanic Gardens, the pool has incredible views of our beaming Harbour. It’s so lovely on a Spring day to be able to wander through the gardens, smelling all the native flora before jumping in for a refreshing dip. What a treat!

Where would you take an overseas visitor for the ultimate Sydney experience?

When we have international Guest Artists performing with the Brandenburg, I always love taking them on a seaplane. There’s no better way to see Sydney than from the sky! Sydney Seaplanes in Rose Bay will take you up and over our amazing coastline, giving you a birds-eye view of all the rolling cliffs, stunning beaches and lush bushland our famous city has to offer. Before touching back down at their iconic Empire Lounge to enjoy a glass of bubbles while the sun goes down. It’s such an exhilarating way to introduce our overseas visitors to our dazzling city.

Do you know of any hidden gems in Sydney?

I don’t think Sydney is particularly known for its architecture, but it should be. The Sydney skyline is juxtaposed with old and new buildings. Brutalist, art deco and modern designs sit side by side, a mix of the modest and majestic. An absolute hidden gem of architectural design and ingenuity is Punchbowl Mosque. A breathtaking place of worship, and an award-winning design by Angelo Candalepas. Definitely worth a visit to south-west Sydney just to see it. I would absolutely love to host a concert there one day, I imagine the acoustics are incredible!