Sam Brittain: Signal Lights Album Launch

India Bradley
15th Jun 2016

Sam Brittain’s album launch was an intimate evening, humble in nature. The singer/songwriter, from Adelaide spent much of the night with a cup of tea in his hand and a smile on his face.

Supported by Harry Heart and B.R Dalton, the three artists (including Sam) created a casual environment, much suited to a Wednesday evening at Brighton Up Bar.

Harry Heart, first to play, is an alternative acoustic singer/songwriter of British origin. Heart spent much of his performance exploring love and his personal journey in the way of relationships, travel and performing.

B.R Dalton, is a folk singer/songwriter, originally from Dublin, now based in Freemantle, Western Australia. Dalton created a captivating and angelic performance. He sung fluidly, with an air of genuineness. He spoke about worldly issues in between his songs and provided a heart-warming experience for all.

Sam Brittain is an Australian (Adelaide born) alternative country and folk singer/songwriter, who earns adoration through his simplicity. Brittain warmed the stage with what he referred to as codswallop. His banter aka: “codswallop” in between songs was intelligent, sarcastic and was never once delivered half heartedly. Brittain's songs, which appeared to be an expression of self healing, were captivating. He displayed subtle yet unusual mannerisms and stage movements, which were unique and interesting. At one point in between songs, he brought a cup of tea onto stage and shared his humble personality with all.

Even despite some unruliness and disruptiveness from some audience members, Brittain soldiered on and remained undaunted.

Throughout Brittain's performance, DR Dalton joined him on stage, which was probably the most powerful part of the album launch. The two balanced each other out beautifully and the combination of voices and behaviour allowed for deeper stage presence and music complexity. It would be great to see more of the two of them perform together.

Despite the small crowd, the night was casual and relaxed, with a flair of wit and humour, nestled onto the intimate environment of Brighton Up Bar. Brittain appeared down to earth, as did his supporting acts. The night took you on a fluid journey. He and Dalton’s ability to perform together was mesmerising, powerful and had strong fluidity. Sam Brittain’s performance was a showcase of good nature and an ode to a good ol’ cuppa tea!

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