Set It Off: Midnight

Joseph Lloyd
29th Dec 2018

Ahead of the February release of their new album, Midnight, Set it Off released two new singles looking to fans to help them decide which one should get the full scale music video treatment and you’re invited to vote below.

Both tracks remind us of the universal appeal their sound has had with Cody Carson’s ability to deliver playful, yet antagonistic lyrics with rich texturing (Dan Clermont & Zach DeWall on Guitar) and dramatic progression (Maxx Danziger on drums). In terms of storytelling its that versatility that makes them so interesting to listen to, from soft ballads to melodic aggression, to gospel choirs and jazz band, some of their songs have taken punk rock to new places.

"Dancing With the Devil is a story of betrayal," he said. "It unfortunately happens more often than it should that I someone we work with or someone we get close to in our lives feeds us lines of support and love, reels us in with a false sense of connection, and then whenever they feel like we can’t feed their needs, they cut the line and watch us drown.” It’s flourishing with piano hooks, hypnotic chorus and seemingly deliberate confusion as the melody shifts back and forth in dissonance. “To me, that severance is fuel. That betrayal and abandonment is a reason to prove something, and the chip on the shoulder grows. This world is a tough place, but we have to be tougher and keep our eyes open so we don’t end up Dancing With the Devil."

For You Forever sits in a sweet spot of retro 80s, with synth and keyboards for most of the track before the catchy echoes of chorus and guitar. "[It's] is my way of putting myself in the shoes of someone else when I was single.” says Carson in unpacking the lyrics. “I was stubborn, I didn't want a serious relationship, and I'd always let the other person know that. However, sometimes feelings grew, and I pushed them away because I felt I wasn't ready, but it wouldn’t always stop them from waiting for me. This song collects the multitude of emotions that circulated through those situations from start, to end, to even how their friends may have advised them. It was a seriously humbling and vulnerable song to write, but sometimes you have to call yourself out."

While both tracks show great promise in what’s to come, we at the Scoop think the multi-diminensionality of Dancing with the Devil will give a lot of leeway creatively should this one be the track that’s produced as a music video. You can listen to the tracks here and vote

Set it Off's new album Midnight will be released on Friday 1 February through Caroline Music Australia and Fearless Records. Single Lonely Dance is out now in all good digital stores and streaming outlets. The album can be pre-ordered here.