Shen Yun Sydney 2017

Rebecca Varidel
19th Feb 2017

I remember seeing this spectacular in Sydney in its first year. Then Shen Yun was inspirational invigorating and deeply moving. Perhaps then I wasn't fully aware of the spiritual nature of this Chinese masterpiece. Since then I've learnt that Shen Yun connects Heaven and Earth.

China was once known as the Land of the Divine. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese believed that their culture was a sacred gift from the heavens. In this all new show with 80 performers, dancers, singers, and a live orchestra, Shen Yun will take you on a magical journey to the beautiful world of China's divine civilization. Classical Chinese dance, ethnic and folk dances, authentic costumes and breathtaking backdrops including animated video are just part of the magical storytelling where ancient Chinese myths, legends, heroes and miracles, come to life.

As well as the vibrant exploration of ethnic and folk traditions, Shen Yun gifts us an art that nourishes the soul. It's uplifting energy takes timeless virtues - ideals like loyalty, humility and compassion - and presents what is both beautiful and good in a powerful theatrical experience.

Shen Yun returns to Sydney this year to the Lyric Theatre from March 28th to April 2nd.