Tang Exhibition & Taylors Wines

Rebecca Varidel
1st May 2016

When you hear the word Tang what comes to mind?

During the week Sydney Scoop was privileged to an after hours private tour of the Tang Exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Rocking up without research we were expecting a collection of ancient Chinese artifacts. But these treasures of gold silver glass ceramics sculptures and mural paintings delivered so much more and insights into the culture and time.

"While much of Europe was still in the Dark Ages, the Tang Empire (618-907) was the most powerful realm in the world. At the heart of Tang was its ancient capital, Chang’an (present day Xi’an). Located at the start of the famous Silk Road trade route, this cosmopolitan metropolis was renowned for its great wealth, sophistication and cultural diversity."

Most notable (and *sigh* we failed that opening question) when thinking of the Tang dynasty is the horse, from the Ferghana Valley (now spread across eastern Uzbekistan, southern Kyrgyzstan and northern Tajikistan.

Apparently it was also the best time to live as a women, with not only fashionable hairdos and eyebrow art, but a great deal of equality including women being encouraged to play polo (yes the horse again). Amid the antiquities from the advanced civilisation are ornate tea service implements. Tea was brought from India as part of the Silk Road trade.

Perhaps the most interesting exhibition update is the use of the iPad to replicate ancient cave drawings of Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang in an augmented reality installation. It's just fabulous. When you go try and find the spot in the room that adds the impact of video with dancing.

Tang Treasures From The Silk Road Capital has never been seen in Australia before and is on at the Art Gallery Of New South Wales until July 7.

Our private tour was hosted with thanks to Taylors Wines and finished with a tasting of the St. Andrews, The Pioneer and The Visionary new luxury releases. While any wine lover will relate the Clare Valley to Riesling from the whites we also enjoyed the mellow and long St Andrews Chardonnay 2014. Across reds from shiraz to cabernet sauvignon, the most impressive was St Andrews Shiraz which in trying to outdo its older brother has already notched up 23 medals even prior to release this Monday May 3.

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