Unleash Your Inner Beyoncé

Scott Wallace
11th Apr 2015

A few months ago,  I attended one of the dance classes held at Goodgod Small Club, where I clumsily attempted to learn the moves from Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” video. That class was preceded by a couple of rounds of “Single Ladies” dance classes. Since then, “Love on Top” got a second go, then Janet Jackson’s “Together Again,” and now Beyoncé’s viral video hit “7/11” is getting a turn on April 22.

If this is the first you’re hearing of it, then sorry, you missed out this time. It’s telling that while I wrote this piece, the latest Beyoncé Dance Class scheduled at Goodgod Small Club sold out

But it’s almost certain that you’ll get a second chance, and I definitely recommend that you take it. Even if you have two left feet, it’s a lot of fun learning how to dance with a lot of other beginner dancers. And then the feeling you get when you nail a move for the first time? Nothing can beat that. 

After the warm-up, as everyone gets acquainted with the crowded dance floor and acquainted with dancing in front of complete strangers, things start to relax. The initial embarrassment is always going to be there, unless you think you’re the greatest dancer in the world, but remember everyone else is too busy trying to dance to worry about what you’re doing. Everyone is in their own little spotlight. 

Once you’re nice and comfortable, then you can unleash your inner Beyoncé. 

With her unshakeable, but quiet and unostentatious confidence, Beyoncé seems like the happiest pop star around. Why shouldn’t she be a role model for all of us? Goodgod Small Club’s dance classes not only teach you some awesome moves that you can pull out every opportunity you get, but provide a little boost of confidence too.

Even those who weren’t dressed the part - compare the uniform of flannelette shirts and jeans worn by me and my companion Madeleine with the three-quarter tights and sports bras worn by others - got fully into it, sliding across the floor and jumping into the air at the start of the chorus. Just like Beyoncé herself does it.

And at the end, those who were most improved (or just downright awesome) received prizes in the form of cocktail vouchers from our friendly and charismatic instructor. I got a special round of applause for being the only male there, which I must say felt pretty cool. 

A dance class is a great way to loosen up - and I got more exercise than I had had in months - and everyone should enjoy it, male or female, regardless of skill level. If you never dance, then this is a great opportunity to try something new in a fun, non-judgmental environment.

Keep an eye on the Sydney Scoop Calendar for more upcoming dance classes at Goodgod Small Club, and get in quick because they will sell out faster than you can say “crazy in love.”