Live Music: Vivid LIVE 2015

Scott Wallace
18th Mar 2015

In 2015, Vivid LIVE will once again bring an incredible crop of local and international talent to the stage in and around the Sydney Opera House when the sails light up with the famously dazzling light show that can be seen from all around. The festival runs between May 22 and June 8.

Th 2015 Vivid LIVE lineup is a particular treat for fans of electronica and dance music. Experimental pioneer Squarepusher will be unleashing his new audio-visual experience Damogen Furies continuing in the tradition of forward-thinking electronic artists using Vivid as a launching pad for new works after Brazilian wizard Amon Tobin and Germany's robotic demi-gods Kraftwerk did the same in previous years. Raging dance party Mad Racket will also be taking over the Vivid LIVE Studio with house music mad scientist Matthew Herbert headlining.

Three of Australia's finest dance and hip-hop labels, Future Classic, Astral People, and Elefant Traks will also be featured. Celebrate 10 years of indelible, unshakable electronica from Future Classic with FXC, two massive nights of music at the Opera House's Northern Boardwalk. Astral People and Elefant Traks' respective lineups can be seen bringing the party to life at the Vivid LIVE Studio.

Those with a penchant for the softer side of music will not be disappointed though - indie rock and folk are very well represented. Headliner Morrissey the enormously talented, darkly hilarious and impossibly witty singer-songwriter will be playing four nights at the Opera House, as will reticent folk-pop icon Sufjan Stevens. Country-folk-rock whatever-you-want-to-call-him singer Bill Callahan can be seen over two nights.

On the rock and pop side of the equation, Australian music is well-represented with constantly reinventing Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns, and some of Sydney's finest young rock bands Royal Headache and The Preatures. Aussie rock fans will be kicking themselves if they miss the performance by The Drones celebrating 10 years since their stone-cold classic Wait Long by the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By was released.

There's plenty more to see. Head over to the Vivid LIVE website or check out our Sydney Scoop Calendar to see our top picks of the festival line-up. Remember, all tickets go on sale 9am on Friday March 27. Make a note of it or you'll regret missing out on these incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.