How To Be A Lesbian

Rebecca Varidel
22nd May 2024

How do they shop? Do they have facial hair? What do they eat? And of course – that age old question –
how do they have sex?

Felicity Nicol, seasoned Lesbian of 38 years, will be asking these questions at The Loading Dock Theatre and more to help ensure the future of lesbians is stronger than ever!

For a preview taste of this theatre production, we caught up with Felicity with these questions of our own.

Q: What inspired you to create this show?

A: When I was first exploring my queer identity, I didn’t know how to be a lesbian. I was told by a gay male that I needed to cut my hair and slick it back.

With my first girlfriend I was propositioned by a straight fuckwit telling us we should want a threesome with a man. And the only representations of lesbianism I knew of were repressed, socially outcast weirdos who ended up alone or dead. And all of that sucks!

This work is a silly and serious response to this. It is a celebration and investigation of sapphic identity. A way of showcasing our diverse lesbianic tapestry – the loud, the shy, the partiers, the players, the tops, the bottoms, the sides and everyone in between. But mostly, this is about creating space for women who love women to come together and be seen and heard.

Q: How has your previous creative practice informed this work?

A: I’ve been creating work in the LGBTQIA+ community for a long time now. This spans devised, movement, scripted, intergenerational and socially engaged practices. I think I’ve spent a lot of time behind the scenes building relationships and talking to queers from all walks of life. This show felt like a way to celebrate that. Plus, I’ve missed being on stage. It’s been a looooong time and I was keen to flex that muscle to see if she still bulged. And I’ve always had a cheeky desire to do a bit of stand up. It may be my death knell.

Q: What do you hope audiences will take away from the show?

A: Joy, humour, a sense of being seen and feeling like they are amongst their people. I hope they leave feeling like they’ve learnt something more about themselves or our community. I want them to exit the show, into the world feeling like their most confident and fabulous queer self!

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about the guests who you will be interviewing?

A: LORDY! What a line up. I’ve worked with Hannah and Cheryn before and they’re both fabulous firecrackers of silly. Sheanna is incredibly smart, considered and a wonderful writer. As is Maddy - as well as an absolute sweetheart whom we can all potentially approach afterwards for legal advice (that’s right, we’ve got it all!) Basjia is a sexy, strong goddess we’re lucky to have snapped up. And Sylvia. My god. That woman is a FORCE! She’s technically been teaching women how to be lesbians since the 70s. Complete with practical advice and camping in the bush. They’re a stunning group of humans - we’re in for a treat!

How to be a Lesbian runs from 3 - 4 June 2024 at The Loading Dock Theatre. Tickets are $35.