101 Reasons To Love CRUELLA

Rebecca Varidel
3rd Jun 2021

Maybe you grew up on Disney, most of us did. And so maybe you've seen and loved 101 Dalmatians.

You'd remember then, that Cruella de Vil is the glamorous London heiress of that 17th Walt Disney Productions animated film.

To be honest, I didn't put 2 + 2 together when I rocked up last week to see Cruella. And even way into the movie, it hadn't registered (duhhh!) it was about her, but I was loving the adventure, the attitude and the fashion.

You have to see Cruella because...

1. It's about the underdog winning.
2. We all love dogs, especially since covid-19 when 1/3 of Aussies have adopted a pet. Yes, there's dogs.
3. We love Emma. Emma Stone AND Emma Thompson. Both are just 101% in Cruella.
4. Don't you love movies with female leads, and here you get TWO! Yeup, Emma and Emma.
5. Maybe this should have been no. 1, but we love DISNEY!!!
6. This is an adults' film ah ha ha, but little adults will love it too.
7. Truth - I went without kids, this is an adults' film.
8. There are lots of car/truck chases as you want in any good big screen movie.
9. Gorgeous frocks, lots of gorgeous frocks.
10. Beats the fashion designing frocks off The Devil Wears Prada and Sex In The City.
11.There is a fab-u-lous butler!!!
12. We learn about DNA and inherited traits...
13. Cruella teaches us to love who we are.
14. She always knew it.
15. She takes a while to re-discover it.

16 to 100 no more spoilers... WATCH Cruella for yourself

101. You can watch Cruella now on the big screen, AND you can also watch it on Disney+ Premier.

Legit there are 101 reasons AND MORE to love and adore Cruella and go see it. But you really really don't want any more spoilers, OR to read through an endless list ... do you?

This film is about Estella before she becomes Cruella de Vil. She has a dream. She longs to be a fashion designer, having inherited talent and everything else she needs. Yeup, it's the Disney back story you always wanted to know.

We reckon Cruella is the top pick of what's showing in Sydney right now. Go on, get going then.

Photo courtesy of Disney. Emma Stone as Cruella. Photo by Laurie Sparham. © 2021 Disney Enterprises Inc. All Rights Reserved.