Ally Morgan's Not Today

Rebecca Varidel
10th May 2021

Before I tell you about Ally Morgan's Not Today, I suppose I better tell you that you've missed it, first time around at least. For this first season Not Today was on for a short three day at the KX Theatre (that's the Kings Cross Theatre for the uninitiated). For your sake, I hope the show is on again soon, and for a longer season as it deserves. Yes. Yet read on, because you can enjoy the anticipation ready for when you do get to see it.

Advertised as an Original Song Cycle, it is certainly true. All the songs are original.

But Not Today would more accurately be described as the most original and entertaining show of the 21st century. Well, so far anyway.

I thought it might be because it covers some topics that are close to my heart. Climate change. Life purpose. And yes, there is covid-19. Because Not Today is written for today, about today - well about 2019 and 2020 which is really yesterday. But that's close to today.

But my intelligent friend who loves Australian music, and isn't so much interested in these social issues , was smitten too.

Not Today is brilliant. Poignant. Witty. And without getting in your face, relevant.

"If 25 was my time to thrive, 26 is a bag of dicks."

In this intimate cabaret experience, Ally Morgan will take you in her (nearly) one woman show on her bumpy ride as a not-yet-famous 26 year old.

There are one liners. And cute faces. And awkward movements. Which result in belly laughs.

More importantly. It gets you thinking. Thinking more about the things that maybe you should be thinking about.

Plus PS it is interactive. (On queue: I got to push a skateboard onto the stage.)

I could watch it again so I can't wait until I can. Please. Pretty please.

This season at the Bordello Room was advertised as the Premiere Season - so here's hoping...

Directed by Miranda Middleton. Produced by Rogue Projects.