Circa's Peepshow

Rebecca Varidel
22nd Apr 2022

Sensational! Subtly sexy burlesque meets circus aerials and acrobatics.

Peepshow by definition is a sequence of pictures viewed through a lens or hole set into a box, formerly offered as a public entertainment, an erotic or pornographic film viewed from a coin-operated booth. This vintage art as the name suggests has been translated to the stage by Australian aerial and acrobatic troupe Circa into a contemporary subtly sexy performance.

Adding to the swoon appeal is a swathe of sexy yet simple costumes. Just enough glitter. Just enough fabric.

Don't get me wrong, when I say subtle. There are moments that are more than. Yet in all it is an undertone that makes the show even sexier. Added to this Circa's Peepshow embodies the humour that in intrinsic to the best burlesque. And who could get past the flexibility and tone of the bodies of a professional circus troupe. 

Circa’s Peepshow turns cabaret on its head, literally. Join Circa as they embark on a seductive dance through the hall of mirrors that is your imagination, Circa’s Peepshow lurches from the thrillingly acrobatic to the comically playful. Expect teetering towers of balanced bodies, extreme bending, beguiling burlesque, and devilishly precarious aerials. Under the direction of circus visionary Yaron Lifschitz, Circa’s Peepshow combines some of the finest acrobatic talent on the planet to create a playfully exhilarating ride into the beautifully bizarre recesses of your mind.

"Peepshow is hot, sweaty, sexy and tough. Moving from cabaret to nightclub it is full of high energy acts and muscular acrobatics for adults who want to laugh, gasp and feel the burn” said Yaron Lifschitz, Circa Artistic Director.

Intrinsic to the thrill of this performance-art-come-burlesque, Circa's Peepshow cabaret has one of the most idiosyncratic soundtracks to ever grace Sydney stages. It's a short season at the Theatre Royal Sydney, only until 24 April.