ELEVATE Sydney 2023 Day One

Michelle East
4th Jan 2023

What a difference a year makes

Ya Girl Party B got the party started as people streaming down the expressway for a great night out. A kaleidoscope of colour greeted them and an energy from Ya Girl Party B that demanded they start moving. Big screens along the route provided multiple dance floors and sheltered areas to chill out. Roving performers amused and obliged for selfies.

Last year, Sydney smashed by the omicron wave, showed a lack of confidence in the ‘let her rip’ policy. This kept the crowds away at the start. Electric Fields and Troy Cassar Daley opened to a small, polite, socially-distanced crowd. They wore masks without needing to be asked. As word got out, confidence in the event grew and the crowds of grateful punters grew each day. The same good-natured friendliness and a relaxed crowd turned up to this year’s sold out event. No masks required but you would be comfortable to wear one if you preferred.

The professional event management of ELEVATE Sydney makes it a standout. A must do experience for summer and a great way to warm up for Sydney Festival. Minimal queues and plenty of people on hand to keep things stress free. Plenty of space to hang out with your friends and family. Sydney shows what living with covid is all about. More please!

What’s in the box?

The world’s longest bar at 127 meters is a new feature for 2023. Reserved sessions for a seat at the bar include a bento box, a drink and a million dollar view.

In the box a selection of NSW artisanal goodies:

· Fresh vegetarian spring rolls with dipping sauce

· Double brie from The Second Mouse Cheese Company (Orange)

· 3 year old mature cheddar from The Hunter Valley Cheese Company (Pokolbin)

· Little peppers stuffed with cream cheese

· Salumi from Salumi Australia (Byron Bay)

· Alto Olives (Crookwell)

· Kurrajong Kitchen lavosh, dried fruit crackers and dried orange slices.

A perfect picnic to enjoy with Brokenwood wine or craft beer with the harbour before you. Best still, you get to take the bento box home with you. Is it worth $50? Absolutely, the bento box alone retails for $39.99 on Amazon. Even without the ongoing use this stylish merchandise will get post event, it represents good value with generous servings of top quality produce.

Will you starve if you don’t fork out the big bucks? No way, there is a wagon train of food trucks and bars to serve you.

Mother nature puts on a show, 600 drones fight back

The weather started to close in. Sydney was ready to party with Client Liaison. Not long into their DJ set, the rain was coming in sideways. The DJs kept spinning their feel good set holding umbrellas. After a groove-along to Marvin Gaye’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Client Liaison asks “Are you still with me?” Yes, roared the crowd.

Mother Nature was having none of that, sending lightning across the sky and the music shut down for safety. The crowd made their own in a rousing a capela rendition of DJ Ortzi’s Hey, hey baby as they filed out. She had the final word by dialling up the voltage sheeting lightning strikes from Sydney Heads to the Harbour Bridge and beyond. Spectacular viewing from the Cahill Expressway.

It looked like Mother Nature had won but the weather cleared in time for 600 drones to take flight for ELEVATE Sydney SkyShow. Those who hung around were rewarded with a magical 10 minutes. The drones, with the help of an original soundtrack by DOBBY and narration by Uncle Matty Doyle and Kelser Iris, tell Uncle Matty Doyle’s story of sustainability and marine life under the harbour. Many ‘oohs’ and ‘wows’ from media still on the deck. As the photographer standing next to me said “Wonderful, just wonderful.”

ELEVATE Sydney is sold out for this year. You can catch the Skyshow from anywhere with a view of Sydney Harbour and listen to the soundtrack.

The weather is not a friend of ELEVATE Sydney again today, but a little rain is not going to stop Sydney. We’ve got unfinished dancing to do. Take a poncho and enjoy.