Murder For Two

Rebecca Varidel
11th Aug 2023

Wonderfully whacky Murder For Two - a musical comedy to die for - at Hayes Theatre is the funniest show I can remember seeing on stage... ever...

(and I've seen a few)

Whacky (wacky), defined as funny or amusing in a slightly odd or peculiar way, is a word that is used a few times in this fantastically fabbie funny show, and I couldn't help thinking 'whacky' is the perfect definition of the show itself.

Most of all Murder For Two is super side-splittingly hilarious. I can't remember laughing so much in a theatre. Hayes' opening night crowd roared and roared with laughter from start to finish. Totally tickled by the guy right behind who laughed so hard he kept snorting.

BIG kudos first up to Director Richard Carroll for chosing this "whip-fast, whip-smart but very silly script". He describes his biggest draw as "the idea of finding the performers who could rise to the challenge." And yes, to carry this off, multi-talented actor-musicians they needed to be.

Murder for Two is a two person murder mystery, where Gabbi Bolt plays the 'detective' and Maverick Newman delights us as ALL of the suspects. Every movement, tone, expression, hand and facial gesture screams funny. Individually they are comically entertaining. Together they are comedy dynamite.

They act. They sing. They dance (even ballet). AND they make music, playing their own accompaniment on the ivories. Gosh sometimes their piano playing is even the star of the stage.

They bring back the comedy in musical comedy. Adding a sprinkle of Vaudeville duo into the mix.

The songs are crazy. But. Wait. Wait. Wait. For that BIG musical number. To reveal all! Whodunnit? I didn't guess. Can you?

Murder for Two is a BIG production, although there are just two actor-musicians on stage, there are a whole big bunch of creatives backing up the bang. Bang bang the writer is dead. Just to name a few of the village - Buzzy lighting by Pryanka Martin adds dramatic impetus. Ditto for sound effects, in the super sound design by Daniel Herman. Lofi hifi set + costume design is by Keerthi Subramanyam. How did she manage to keep that clothing both low key and over-the-top all at the same time?

The BIGGEST thing about a professional theatre seating just 111, which is supported by its own talented theatre community and also a loyal subscriber audience, is that they can take risks that big main stream venues and producers can't. That's another reason why shows like Murder for Two and directors such as Richard Carroll can push the boundaries. Another big reason to get along to this show, to this theatre. If you can still get tickets. Be quick. Push your laughter to its limits.