Surf City: Jekyll Island

Olivia Watson
14th Mar 2015

New Zealand boys Surf City are back with a new album of their fuzzy psychgaze tunes, just in time to help prolong those warm summer music feelings we thought we were about to have to let go for the cooler months. Following 2013 release We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This and some international wandering by lead singer and guitarist Davin Stoddard, Surf City’s Jekyll Island is ready for release and all set to charm its way serenely and unobtrusively into your current playlist.

The opening track “Beat The Summer Heat” is aptly named; its dreamy meandering makes you picture yourself outside in some festival amphitheatre, taking in the early afternoon sun as you laze on the grass with friends, tinnies and tunes. Things heat up a little with the title track “Jekyll Island (and the Psychosphere)” and its driving beat, plus the bell-like synth tune pervading the second half of the song in a manner so infectious it really should be irritating, but isn’t.

Fellow Auckland-based band members Jamie Kennedy, Mike Ellis and Andy Frost join Stoddard for a psychedelic musical ride through obscure observations and wandering melodies, culminating in the looping hooks of “Jesus, Elvis and Coca-Cola”. Although for many of us the album would be perhaps a little too dream pop to watch intently for a full set in a dedicated concert space, Jekyll Island certainly has this Scoop reviewer pining for long summer days outside in the Aussie festival sun.

Jekyll Island drops on March 20. You can follow Surf City on Facebook