TELEPORT : Enlightenment

Joseph Lloyd
15th Mar 2023

Step into a fictional alien world called Eden-6 that’s been created at Central Railway Station as visitors are taken on a journey that blends sound, projection and sensory kinetics. Now in it’s second month continuing through to April, Teleport: Enlightenment is a pop-up escape comprised of 8 installations. Visitors make their way through each as the senses are captivated by galactic soundscapes and futuristing light and art projections.

On arrival, an introductory video explains how and when visitors move through the 5000 square foot space as they complete each stage.

DOUBLE is the first installation which is the digital initiation into this alien world as visitors face a mirror of infinity as a meteor shower of lightbulbs flash in symmetrical and randomised patterning from floor to ceiling.

A large holographic projection of dance dominates the next installation as visitors are introduced to an alien utopia set to a futuristic tribal infused soundscape.

Into the ARCHIVES room is the first introduction to one of the kinetic art installations that turns hand movement into on-screen projections.

After a punchy start of visual, sound and kinetics, PRESENCE seemed to be a bit of a let down, perhaps because of its positioning to the front of the street entrance and skeletal / minimalist structure which was overshadowed by the undressed and exposed retail space / train station structure. Perhaps more black curtains and mirrors might have kept us believing the world we were in. Moving through the puppeteering of fluorescents manipulated into a triangle formation reels us back in with its mesmerising formations and red and blue lights.

As we enter the CYBERCITY a large projection screen takes us through the depths of Eden-6 in scenes reminiscent of Avatar’s Pandora as we’re taken through luscious forestry, aquatics and soaring views of the futuristic skylines.

CAVE rounds up the visit which incorporates motion detectors that turn visitors movements into laser particle projections onto the screen and psychedelic colors projected onto themselves.

Exiting through the TELEPORT DEPARTURE FACILITY leads us into the gift shop with merchandise that allows us to take a piece of this futuristic experience featuring items such as LED face masks and sunglasses, dog collars, stickers, UV body paint and more.

Running until 26 April, tickets range from $18 (Concession) to $28 (Adults) and overall a nice distraction from the recent unpredictability of the train delays of late on the Eddy Avenue side of Central Railway Station.