The Wedding Singer Musical

Nicki Alchin
20th Jan 2022

Get set to be immersed in a magical bubble of vibrant show stopping choreography, goodwill, love and laughter, as you chase the covid blues away with Sydney's latest Broadway hit musical The Wedding Singer now showing in Sydney until 30 January 2022.

From the word go, our musical theatre evening was memorable. The old school party vibe kicked off with 80s era songs blasting the State Theatre, Sydney's jewel of live performing arts venues. Memories of 80s school formals and schmultzy wedding receptions sound-tracked by a local covers band flooded back as we strutted down the aisles in our 80s appropriate cocktail wear of a three quarter puffed sleeve silver taffeta gown and an electric blue sequinned mini dress to enjoy opening night of Broadway Hit The Wedding Singer (based on the film with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore).

We were there to be entertained and to experience a Back to the Future kind of transportation. Hello 1980s!! You will delight in the accuracy of the fashion, makeup (wowee blue eyeshadow), the attitudes and the communication of the time. Colour pops on stage with the era appropriate costumes, but most importantly the singing and dancing is polished, energetic and precise. Our musical theatre buck most definitely received a huge bang courtesy of The Wedding Singer.

Christian Charisiou as New Jersey's no. 1 wedding singer Robbie Hart, shines a path for his fellow cast members to follow - with his 80s curly haired mullet, nice guy charm, and exuberant song and dance man talent. Christian is outstanding in the role of a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve with his career and romantic choices. No doubt you'd be hiring his band 'Simply Wed' (not Simply Red - get it!?) with Christian (Robbie) at the helm to get the party started at your own wedding. What with his confident and engaging performance, we definitely see a bright musical theatre future ahead for Christian.

Christian is joined on stage by a fabulous leading lady in Teagan Wouters as Julia (Kinky Boots), the sweet wedding reception waitress who steals his heart away. 

The talent doesn't stop there though with Stephen Mahy (Jersey Boys, Mama Mia) as bad boy Glen Gulia, Nadia Komazex (School of Rock, Matilda) as Julia's slutty bestie Holly who does an amazing dance number reminiscent of the sultry water scene from Flash Dance, Ed Deganos (The Lion King) as the cute look-a-like Boy George Simply Wed band member, Susan-ann Walker (Fendy, Les Miserable) as the funky lovable Grandma, Kirby Burgess (Barnum, Dirty Dancing) as Robbie's villainous ex-girlfriend, Hayden Hawkins (Miss Saigon) as Robbie's Simply Wed rocker band mate, and Hollie James (Shrek, Rocky Horror) as Angie.

Totally go see The Wedding Singer as it will give you that feel good glow. The show successfully creates a direct nostalgic portal back to the 80s, a time where big hair was de rigeur; straight men wore pink; a string of pop masters like Cyndi Lauper, Kiss, Bon Jovi, Springsteen, and Whitney commanded the airwaves and dancefloors; Jane Fonda was wearing lycra teaching aerobics; Gordon Gecko's Wall Street "greed is good" mantra was a belief; and the red power suits and huge shoulder pads of Working Girl, the flamboyance of Cocktail and Flash Dance, and tightly choreographed formation dance scenes in music clips as performed by Michael Jackson and Madonna ruled our fashion sense and values.

Get in quick to buy your tickets for the time of your life as The Wedding Singer only has a very short Sydney season due to covid impacts until 30 January.

Photos by Nicole Cleary courtesy of Fuller PR.