Can of Worms

Nicki Alchin
18th Mar 2022

Nothing and nobody are sacred when the Wharf Revue crew has the last laugh. After 20 odd years of satirising the Australian political scene to the nth degree, the A team of Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe, Phillip Scott and Mandy Bishop, once again join forces to enlighten (in the nicest possible comedic way) us punters how shitty the state of the nation and the world at large actually are.

The Wharf Revue: Can of Worms' old time song and dance show starts off by acknowledging the impact of a pandemic on the Revue itself and the fact the team has taken a leap of faith by departing from its home turf under the umbrella of the Sydney Theatre Company. Apologies aside for a drop in wardrobe and staging budgets, the teaser preamble sets the tone for the political parodies and gags ahead that cover local and world affairs since the year 2000.

Of most relevance to our covid hearts and minds is of course the Revue's analysis of the Berejiklian reign over NSW. This sketch is a real treat for your funny bone.

The Revue's microscope on leaders here and abroad spans the full 20 years of its performances. We are taken back to the outrage of Christmas island, the politics of John Howard, Bob Carr, Donald Trump, Pauline Hansen and K Rudd, right up to today's antics of Dominic Perrottet, Barnaby Joyce, Joe Biden and Clive Palmer to name a few. The funny thing, as the Wharf Revue team has accurately point Rd out in musical theatre, politicians love to keep making guest appearances even once their used by date seems to have been well and truly expired. This of course creates gem moments begging for parody. The Wharf Revue team don't disappoint in their ability to turn any political turn of events into a non-stop snorting, laugh out loud rollicking witty, and intelligent 90 minutes of satire.

The Wharf Revue: Can of Worms is the only antidote you need to survive the continuing rollercoaster ride that is the 2020s.

Tickets are on sale now. Be quick to catch the limited run show now playing at Parramatta's Riverside Theatre until Saturday, 19 March >>

and at Glen Street Theatre from 22 March