Dharma Shala Bondi Yoga School

Dharma Shala Yoga School’s lineage is based on the 8 limbs of yoga and has been greatly influenced by the Sivananada teachings, the Ashtanga practice and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Traditionally, every yoga class at Dharma Shala followed a strict and structured sequence. Today however, class teachings follow a free-flowing classical vinyasa sequence that is steeped in mindfulness and breath awareness. At Dharma Shala Bondi Yoga School, we teach beginners yoga, vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, variations of yin, and prenatal yoga. Each class brings a holistic approach to the practice with avenues to explore pranayama and chanting with time for reflective meditation.

At Dharma Shala we invite you to participate in group silent meditation time.  You may use a technique of your choice ie Hindu, Veidic, Mantra, Buddhist, Mindfulness etc.  If you have never meditated before, the teacher can offer you guidance to develop a self practice during this time.

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108 Brighton Boulevarde
North Bondi
02 9665 4262