Parsons Bar

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“The inspiration behind our theme came from building the venue ourselves. Our era is based on the 20s-40s but strictly NOT prohibition or anything particularly themed. If we were to call it anything it would be “working-class Australian” only because we wanted to build a venue for the locals. We wanted it to be apparent that we’d worked hard on creating an original and warm place that Potts Point regulars could feel at home in.” explains SMH 2014 pub food guide Best Service NSW winner, Joe van der Heide.

“Running your own bar is the ultimate dream for anyone who wants to continue working in hospitality. What you don’t expect, funnily enough, is the harsh reality of the workload faced in building your own bar. I have no doubt that the next one will be a bit easier but building everything yourself definitely helps support a pretty tight budget. The best feeling is at the start, having it all planned in your head and, as you build it, slowly seeing it get closer and closer to what you imagined. Finally you put on the last lick of paint, move in all the furniture that you bought, which was been taking up valuable space at home, and it all falls into place.”

In physically building the bar from scratch, first-time bar owners, brothers Joe and Nick van der Heide with friend and business partner Byron Dunn, have created a warm and welcoming space that beckons you to linger.

The best news is Parsons Bar is not only welcoming, but very reasonably priced with cocktails starting at $16, and snacks from $5.

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3 Kellett Street
Potts Point
+61 2 8540 6320

Tues – Sat 5pm – midnight