Facing My Fears: Abseiling 33 Storeys

Rebecca Varidel
11th Oct 2015

There is a week to go, and although 3 is my lucky number, already I'm panicking.

You see Dear Scoopster, I am afraid of heights. How did I agree to do this? This? Abseiling a Sydney building. And when I agreed I didn't even know it would be for a whole 33 storeys. This Friday afternoon, that's going to be me in the picture. So, why when I am scared shitless of heights, did I agree to do this?

For some people abseiling down a skyscraper is the scariest challenge they’ll conquer. For many teens however, their “scary skyscraper” is battling drug addiction.

Relying entirely on community and individual support, the Sir David Martin Foundation funds a number of programs that help youth in crisis. The Triple Care Farm aids those who are struggling with addictions, homelessness, mental health issues, abuse, and depression and self-harm.

These young people haven’t had the best start in life, and most haven’t had a role model to guide them away from a life full of never ending hardships. Abseiling down a building to raise money can be your way of helping repair the broken lives of these troubled youths.

Investa Abseil for Youth 2015 now in its sixth year, takes place in Sydney CBD this Thursday 15th, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th October 2015 and will see participants abseil the 33 storey Tower at 1 Market Street. The Sir David Martin Foundation event aims to raise more than $400,000 for the Triple Care Farm youth rehabilitation program.

General Manager of Sir David Martin Foundation, Alex Green, said: “Since 1990, Triple Care Farm’s rehabilitation program has turned the lives around of Australia’s most seriously disadvantaged youth. These guys and girls have battled through homelessness, extreme cases of drug and alcohol addiction, all while improving education and treating mental illness.”

You too Dear Scoopster can face your fears so someone else can face theirs!

Everyone deserves a second chance at life.

To register for the Abseil for Youth 2015, please visit investaabseilforyouth.gofundraise.com.au/cms/home