Five Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Charlotte Lewis
2nd Aug 2015

Many people are starting to make the smart move away from traditional lipsticks and towards liquid last-all-day lipsticks. Gone are the days of using a lipstick that comes off two minutes into your coffee drinking time. Here are our top five long-lasting lipsticks! 

Australis Velourlips

In terms of its texture, Australis's Velourlips is like a thick tar. This wonderful long-lasting lipstick literally stays for the whole day, and is similar to that one friend of yours who just won't leave your place after a party, even when everyone else has left. With names like Doo-Bai, NY-Cee, and Bar-Tha-Lona, the colours range from nudes and light pinks to hot reds and dark purples. Available online for $10.49 from Australis, or for $9.95 from Priceline. 

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

My all-time favourite. When something has 'Stay All Day' in its name, it's kind of awkward when it doesn't actually live up to its name. But with Stila's long-lasting liquid lipstick, it really does stay all day. Their shades are pretty standard, with nothing too outrageous, but they last so well that you just let it slide. Available for $32.00 from Mecca Cosmetica/Mecca Maxima.

Rimmel Provocalips

Ahh, a long-lasting lipstick you can find in Coles! Rimmel's Provocalips are long-lasting, not overly expensive, and are easy to find. The only downside is that it can go a bit too dry, and can start to make your lips feel as though you're in 50-degree weather without having had a drink for a week. Other than that, it lasts for at least eight hours, so as long as you make sure you put a good lip moisturiser on first, you'll be fine! Available for $17.95 from Priceline or $19.75 from Coles.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick

Boycotters of makeup company Lime Crime created the hashtag #boycottlimecrime when it came to light that Lime Crime had been stealing money from customers. In comes Jeffree Star Cosmetics, a great replacement for all those who loved the long-lasting Lime Crime lipsticks. Their awesome colours and names, along with their tendency to last the whole day, make it number four on our list of long-lasting lippies. Colours include bright blues and pinks, with dark purples and blacks. Available for $27.00 from Fiebiger Shoes. 

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro

Giorgio Armani may not be new, but his Lip Maestro is. The new kid on the block has outdone itself, with eight good hours of wear. Easy to put on, easy to take off, and it's Giorgio Armani, for goodness sake! The colours range from nudes and pinks to oranges and reds, with Armani playing it just a tad too safe. Still, hopefully there's more to come from Mr Armani! Available for $49.00 from Myer or $52.00 from David Jones.