Iceman Wim Hof @ Human Kind

Rebecca Varidel
22nd Feb 2023

‘Iceman’ and cold-therapy leader Wim Hof is returning to Sydney for the first time since the pandemic to exclusively host an ice bath experience and breathwork session at Human Kind, 16 to 18 March.

Guests can have the rare opportunity to experience Wim’s famous Wim Hof Method hosted by Wim himself through two sessions - a breathwork workshop on Thursday 16 March and an ice-bath experience on Friday 17 March. Cold exposure through ice baths is a key part of Wim’s method, and this invigorating transformative experience will push guests to their limits.

Dutch-born extreme athlete Wim Hof will be sharing his signature method of blending extreme cold with mind-set exercises to alter physiology and improve brain function. Known around the world for his unique health method, Wim Hof has also gained notoriety for his dare-devil activities such as climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in shorts, standing in a container while covered in ice cubes for an hour and 44 minutes, and a Guinness World Record for the fastest half marathon run while barefoot on ice or snow.

Wim will be showcasing his signature Wim Hof Method®, estimated to be used by about a billion people around the world, at Human Kind over two days starting on Thursday March 16. He’ll put his signature method into practice, guiding attendees through a transformative breathing session to elevate oxygen levels to reduce stress levels and unlock heightened energy.

On Friday 17 March Wim and his certified Wim Hof instructors will guide guests through an ice bath and breathing session for several minutes before they emerge feeling refreshed and with a clearer mind. Wim Hof’s breathwork sessions and ice bath experiences are part of Human Kind’s three day program full transformative experiences, keynote addresses, comedy performances, art installations, pitch competitions, wellness sessions and more from over 50 world-class industry leaders, artists and changemakers.

Human Kind is a not-for-profit event with all profits going to AIME - a dynamic mentoring program supporting marginalised and Indigenous students through school and into university, employment or further education.

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