Resolutions For A New Year

Rebecca Varidel
31st Dec 2016

Gone are the days of hopeless lists of things we'll never do; Promises that are forgotten a few days into January. We are more thoughtful now and probably past writing lists of material things that we want greedily just for ourselves.

We are in a new era.

Here's five ways we have come up with to add inspiration to your resolutions for this new year with ways that will spread the Love Peace and Harmony around Sydney and the World.

1. Smile

It doesn't have to be returned. Give it unconditionally. Smile widely and deeply from your heart, through your eyes as well as your beautiful smiling mouth. Smile to anyone who crosses your path. Who knows what a difference you can make in the day of a stranger? We are all one after all.

2. Reduce Reuse Recycle

These three R's came into play more than twenty years ago and they are just as valid and even more so today. My funky red Christmas Day dress was courtesy of The Red Cross Shop for less than twenty. You know the drill. There are also op shops via Salvos and Vinnies, and there are weekends markets for repurposed goodies such as the ones in the school grounds at Rozelle. While we are supported by recycling bins and carry cloth bags instead of plastic maybe it is time to rethink just how much we need and use in the first place. 

3. Donate

There are so many ways to help other people by donating your time or your money. Take a closer look at that homeless who you pass on the city street and open your heart. Landcare Australia asks us to #loveouraussie land and volunteer our time at a local park, or nursery, or Landcare Group.  Or sponsor a child and create a better future that way. Choose something that is close to your heart, but GIVE. Why not choose something close to YOUR heart and make a commitment for this year.

4. Living Locally

We've heard the words before. In the last 20 years we have learnt to celebrate local goods, local food. Add to that our new understanding that seasonal is best and we are on to a winner. But it's not just that simple. If you want to do your best in supporting Mother Earth think about how much packaging has been used. Look at how much energy goes into processing. So why not make it Local Seasonal AND Fresh. Or even try growing a bit of the food you eat yourself.

5. Chant Love Peace and Harmony

Can a song change the world? Dr. and Master Sha, founder of the nonprofit Love Peace Harmony Movement, teaches that we become what we chant. When we chant for world Love Peace and Harmony each of us transforms the message we carry within, and we collectively influence the creation of peace in our world. You can chant with others 24/7 at