Sydney’s Catwalk in the Middle of the Ocean

Angharad Rees
15th Mar 2016

The arc of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the sun glinting from the sails of the Sydney Opera House are not the main attractions, though they act as a fitting iconic backdrop. Taking centre stage are flashes of vibrant colour, layers of delicate lace and delicate hand-sewn gems. They reflect the autumn’s golden light in dazzling shards. Music reaches a dramatic crescendo, sounding her anticipated arrival. She enters. The audience gasps. Sydney surrenders – its beauty matched as world-renowned model and fashion innovator, Jessica Minh Anh graces her brave new stage. The Catwalk in the Middle of the Ocean is a bold idea, so too, is the J Model Management 2016 Spring Collection. Showcasing several distinguished designers from all over the globe, a select group of VIPs watch as history is made aboard the luxurious Costa Luminosa. The cruise ship’s upper deck transformed to create the first catwalk to ever grace the Sydney Harbour.

This is not the first time Jessica Minh Anh has created a world exclusive catwalk event. She doesn’t just push the boundaries of the fashion industry; she redefines them, making them her own. Known worldwide for producing astonishing catwalks, she turns iconic buildings and landmarks into her own domain. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, London’s Tower Bridge, New York’s One World Trade Center and even the Grand Canyon have paid homage to her productions, which are a fusion of art, architecture, culture and fashion. For that reason, Sydney fits seamlessly into the Queen of the catwalk stunts’s grand designs.

But the Parisian based model and producer is not the only one with grand designs. The J Spring Fashion Show 2016 features the latest haute couture as well as ready-to-wear collections bursting with colour, layers and seductive transparency. A theme of nature seems to connect the artistic craftsmanship of Jad Ghandour’s bold statements, Lebanese’s Rouba.G, Pakistan’s Syeda Amera, Romanian duo and fun brand Chotronette, Kiwi Beverley Riverina’s exquisite wool collection and Australia’s very own brand, Begitta.

“This collection was inspired by Monet’s Garden,” Brisbane based designer, Begitta shares with the Sydney Scoop. And it’s easy to see the correlation when French lace, silk and hand crafted floral details pass my eyes. Smooth lines, subtle angles, and pure and intense colours reflect the texture, rhythm and flow of a lavish garden. A work of art - her canvas adorned upon models as they stride the catwalk high above Sydney Harbour.

The models continued to dazzle and in particular, Jessica Minh Anh with her signature complex hair design – this time paying tribute to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The impossibly intricate design arcs high above her head, just as the iconic landmark does in the background. And just like the city of Sydney, Jessica exudes confidence and glamour both on the catwalk and in her extraordinary vision to dominate fashion’s cutting edge of style.

As the event comes to a close, the who’s who of fashion mingle in the sumptuous piano cocktail bar on the Costa Luminousa. Champagne glasses tinkle in cheers to another great success for the J Model Management production. And it seems, for Jessica Minh Anh, not even the sky is a limit.