One Night With Chef Marco Pierre White

Rebecca Varidel
13th Feb 2023

Meet the greatest living chef in the world, for one night in Sydney.

“MPW had the palate so, for me he was and still is the greatest” - Michel Roux

“Marco Pierre White was the man who started it - he put the stake in the ground, gave chefs a profile” - Gordon Ramsay

“Of all the chefs I worked for, he was the greatest teacher” - Jock Zonfrillo

“Everybody wanted to be MPW, to follow his path” - David Chang Momofuku

“Trail blazer who led the movement against the establishment chef” - Raymond Blanc

British chef Marco Pierre White returns to Australia in May for his first tour of live-on-stage theatre shows.

MARCO PIERRE WHITE – OUT OF THE KITCHEN will take place in Sydney on 25 May at the State Theatre.

Tickets are on sale to the General Public from Friday 17 February, with pre-sales from today.

Marco will take us on a journey from his humble beginnings, arriving in London from the north with “£7.36, a box of books and a bag of cloths” to begin his classical training as a commis with Albert and Michael Roux at Le Gavroche. By the age of just 33, Marco became the first British and youngest chef at the time to be awarded three Michelin Stars. A chef, restaurateur and television personality, he has been dubbed “the first celebrity chef” and the “enfant terrible” of the UK restaurant scene.

Who could forget 'that' photo naked from the waist up, a grey shark across his lap and a Marlboro hanging from his mouth. Renowned for his pout, I do have a picture of him smiling. Taken about 12 years ago? I was pinching his bum secretly while our photo was being taken. Check out my facebook page, I think it's still there.

Yet beyond the publicity he is truly so very very talented and innovative and heralded French classism to a new era. His first book White Heat was groundbreaking. Fan girl, yes? But rightly so!

Chef Marco Pierre White was in the vanguard of a food revolution. He was the first of the rock ‘n roll chefs who inspired thousands of today’s chefs, and trained notable chefs such as Mario Batali, Shannon Bennett, Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsay and Curtis Stone.

This is an evening about the magic of food, the allure of restaurants, a story of determination, grit and the endless pursuit of personal fulfilment. Meet the world’s greatest living chef, live on stage.

“A lot of people say I look like a rock star or a designer punk. But I swear it’s the job that has carved my face. It’s the hours, the stress and the pressure. It’s not me trying to look like this.”