Back Bar By Kazbah

Rebecca Varidel
31st May 2015

The underground corridors off Bayswater Road connect Middle Eastern restaurant Kazbah and its new adjoining Lebanese street food canteen Mafi Mitlo. Inside each venue, below street level, you can walk from each venue to the other.

But there's another secret. At the back of Kazbah is a hidden cocktail gem: Back Bar By Kazbah.

It's an elegant and peaceful specialty cocktail lounge, a quiet respite from the bustle and noise of Kings Cross. It's quiet for other reasons. Thankfully, there's no mobile reception so you can enjoy your drink and the company without social interruption. Yep, that's right. Put that phone down. Although you can always #latergram social your #BackBarByKazbah after you leave.

"Please ask our friendly mixologist for other classic cocktails (and other things, too!)" the menu says.

While the Collin's and Martinis to the Sours and Gin Fizz are all currently $15, rumour has it that a new drinks range from $12 for mixed drinks to $18 for upper shelf specials will also be hitting the list soon.