Barangaroo Wulugul Pop Up

Marlo Perry
1st Dec 2015

From the second you walk in between the towers on Barangaroo Avenue and see the sun on the water you know that Wulugul Pop Up is going to be your new go-to spot.

This untapped space has everything: wide, open space with a view, plenty of tables and seating, that elusive ‘I’m out in the city but not in the CBD’ feeling that Sydney-siders crave and, of course, a very special line-up of food and drink outlets.

It is very fitting that ‘Wulugul’ means ‘Kingfish’ in the local, traditional dialect of the land on which Barangaroo sits because the king of, well, not fish but fried chicken, Morgan McGlone, has taken up residence at Wulugul Walk with Belle’s Hot Chicken for the next nine months. Offering his famous four levels of hotness (medium, hot, really hot and really fucking hot), Belle’s will be pumping out wings, oysters, chicken sandwiches and a range of other tasty shit. They’re also looking after the non-alcoholic drink seekers with House Made Sweet Tea and Cardamom Lemonade.

On the alcoholic side of things, Gin & It is a unique gin experience with pre-mixed cocktails from the guys behind The Barber Shop. Now, to call them pre-mixed cocktails is not really doing them justice. These are beautifully crafted bottled treats with a menu split into botanicals, seasonal fruits and classics, and let me tell you, they go down veeeeery nicely on a hot afternoon.

Needing no introduction, Mamak sits beside Belle’s Hot Chicken and serves up all its classic dishes like Roti Canai, Roti Telur, Satay Chicken and Nasi Lemak and with opening hours of 11 ‘til 11 there’s no reason why you can’t try them all.

Wulugul Pop Up is open now, with RivaReno gelato joining the lineup during December.

Wulugu Pop Up
Wulugul Walk