Best Pubs Series: Richmond Inn

Rebecca Varidel
29th Jan 2022

A Sunday drive, and dinner at the recently renovated Richmond Inn.

Richmond Inn hotel is a charming and relaxing spot for Sydney day-trippers, as well as North-West Sydney and Blue Mountains locals. This super spacious pub gives you all the freedom you need right now. The recent renovation of the historic Richmond Inn Hotel is comfy as, and unlike many pub renos thank goodness Richmon Inn retains its local pub feel. The reno comes with a sprinkling of rustic Aussie country merged with just a touch of city slick. Same deal with the friendly service, city professionalism underlies as a foundation but does not dominate the terrific country hospitality. What a fabulous blend. And like any great pub, it's a very good sign that it's easy to chat with the locals here. Spot the blow-in (blush).

While there are a bunch of super indoor spaces, big rooms with some creative nooks and crannies, what we totally love is the super spacious beer garden, which is a much better use of was once the carpark! Big bench tables are spaced at more than social distance requirements so you get an extra kick of relax. This terrific beer garden features its rural and relaxed theme with a rustic farm windmill and shabby country chic painted brickwork. And to win our hearts, there's a big beautiful tree full of fairy lights.

The Richmond Inn renovation also includes inside: the public bar, the bistro, and even an intimate "naughty-corner".

Apparently, we overheard on our visit, that it was pretty run down before this facelift, so if you don't already know this historic pub, you can be pardoned. But just for the time being, mind you. Get yourself to this worthy drinking hole soon.

Bonus points for the pub's food which is pub appropriate and delicious. The Richmond Inn menu is created by award-winning Tilley & Wills' Group Executive Chef Brad Sloane, who was voted NSW Australian Hotels Association Chef of the Year in 2013. Menu highlights include a succulent and generously portioned Sunday Roast with colourful seasonal veg, three types of Parmigiana made using the best of local cheese and meat, and fresh-baked 1m pizzas available for group bookings.

Our Sunday visit had us checking out yummy pub staples, and some delicious dishes with a twist. 

So when is a burger not a burger? Ah ha ha. No, it's not a riddle or a trick question. To my taste (and yes I was a reviewer for the SMH Pub Food Guides so I am highly qualified on pub food - wink) with most burgers the patty just doesn't make it. Why are people so afraid of salt? Yet here this Richmond Inn burger was spot on seasoned, juicy and tender. With very good hot crunchy chips. Excellent. The total pub burger package.

But maybe you don't want so much, or want to start with even more. Richmond Hill gives good grazing. And we love a pub that gives us delish dishes to go with our bevies. Share plates the scrumptious barramundi tacos, salt & pepper squid, and Big Mac spring rolls. Yeup, you guessed it, they come with a 'special sauce'. And, of course you don't HAVE to share...

Big bonus are the drinks as we reckon that the Richmond Inn also gives good cocktails. Shake, shake, shake. And really really good jugs! Excellent quality beverages all round actually, with light on the wallet prices. Add that to the yummies and you have double the reasons for the drive (oops - RSA drink responsibly - I mean train trip, the train station fyi is just a hop skip and a jump). 

We love what award-winning hospitality group Tilley & Wills Hotels (owners of well known venues including Buena Hotel, Cabana Bar, the Greenwood Hotel, Verandah Precinct) has created at The Richmond Inn with its new million dollar facelift! Highly recommended. Take a trip today, or wait for the weekend if you must.