Lima Nikkei Restaurant

Rebecca Varidel
2nd Sep 2023

SYDNEY SCOOP UPDATE: Lima Nikkei Walsh Bay closed in January 2024 and has opened in a new format as Lima Peruvian Bar + Cevicheria in Bondi.

There is everything to love about Lima Nikkei restaurant Walsh Bay. The food here may be an extrovert but it is carefully considered, carefully crafted and totally won us with its heart of nourishing affection, flamboyant presentation, stunning colours and beautiful flavours. 

Nikkei cuisine is a type of food fusion that combines Peruvian and Japanese elements. The fusion is not as crazy as it sounds. The Japanese began arriving in Peru in the late 1800s and today there is more than 100,000 Peruvian of Japanese descent. The combination of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine known as Nikkei has taken longer to reach Australia than Europe and the US with internationally famous participants including Chefs Nobu Matsuhisa (Nobu restaurants) and Ferran Adria (Pakta).

Under the hands of passionate owners Luis Guzman and Chef Hector Chung (who first trained under one of the best chefs in the world), the menu is both intriguing and satisfying. And showcases their unique style, generous and open hearts. Choose from a wide range of Nigiris and Rolls, Ceviches and Tiraditos (Peruvian style sashimi) to start. Beyond these, the remaining menu choices are also arranged by cookery method - steam, fryer, robata, saltados (stir fry) and wok. Throughout this Lima Nikkei menu you'll find ingredients such as sweet potato, banana plantain, chulpi corn, avocado, aji amarillo chilli, tigers milk and anticuchera sauce, elevating the seafood, fish, chicken and beef. Much of this menu is small bites, and suitable for grazing and sharing. Feast your eyes and well as your tummies on Octopus Tiradito, Fremantle octopus, avocado, tiger milk, olives sauce - my favourite. Although we highly recommend Jalea Ponja, whole snapper, calamari, octopus tartare sauce, sweet potato, chalaca for those with more time and a hearty appetite. And the Chef's favourite dessert - Pumpkin 'sponge' and black quinoa, with caramel ice cream. If I were a betting woman, I'd say you are salivating already. While you're already here online, make your Lima Nikkei restaurant booking now.

Lima Nikkei restaurant is truly a dining oasis in the Walsh Bay dining desert. Which makes it perfect for Sydney Theatre Co. and Sydney Dance Co. patrons, in fact anyone attending performances at Roslyn Packer Theatre, completing the Bridge Climb, or takng a stroll around the Sydney Harbour foreshore. Lima Nikkei is also worth an adventure to Hickson Road, without any other kind of outing, just as a dining destination in itself.

And, it's not just the food that impresses. There is a festive feel to the venue. With the glorious food, and the friendly obliging staff, Lima Nikkei all adds up to a fabulous place to celebrate being alive.