New Black Pizzas Smash Hit

Nicki Alchin
25th Feb 2016

These days, it is not uncommon for time honoured recipes to be redesigned due to food intolerances. At best, intolerances can make people feel bloated and at worst, allergic reactions can occur. For many, gluten is a major player in the food intolerance space. This can be especially restrictive for those who enjoy a traditional pizza.

With this in mind, Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurant has re-jigged its traditional pizza base recipe to offer - from this Tuesday, February 23rd - three appetising black pizzas featuring a base made from a bio charcoal product reported to have digestive and health properties. The opening menu selection includes two vegetarian options and is available for takeaway and dine-in. Nicola says of the new pizzas “the charcoal that we use in our pizza is 100 per cent natural and because of its health benefits, people who are intolerant to gluten find our pizza easy to digest and enjoyable to eat”.

The Taste Test

At the preview media launch Monday night, I put on my research tasting hat for Sydney Scoop readers to test whether there was anything to this activated charcoal pizza innovation. Nicola initially brought out a few “normal” pizzas. As with the charcoal pizzas, they are made with stone ground Type 1 Petra flour (think unrefined, whole grain flour that maintains its nutritional value with higher fibre). Even without activated charcoal Da Vinci’s pizzas have a healthy slant. I downed a few slices and was ready to take step 2 of the taste comparison test.

With all the drama of the theatre, the black pizzas were brought out and distributed along the table. Right off the bat, they were impressive. With just a small amount of the powdery charcoal added (1g per 1kg of pizza dough) the pizza bases took on an earthy rustic appearance that was enhanced by the simple yet mouth watering toppings of the Margherita Nera, Nerone, and Borgo. It was instantly apparent even in look that the base had a crisper, lighter and thinner texture. These characteristics were also present in the taste.

Even after whopping down three more slices, I did not have that usual weighed down feeling of a heap of pizza dough in my tummy, nor did I experience any bloating. Most notably though, the bases tasted really flavoursome and wholesome, and their lightness made it possible for me to squeeze in not only some delicious home made potato gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce matched with a serve of fresh vibrant rocket and shaved parmesan salad from the rest of the Da Vinci's Italian menu but more importantly for a die-hard dessert-fiend like me, numerous scoops of Gelatony– their to die for, made-on-the-premises prize winning gelato.

You may well think that activated charcoal could be a fad. On closer inspection though, and definitely once you've tasted it, you could become a champion of this flavoursome additive, especially if you are looking for a lighter more digestible pizza.

The Menu

Three delicious toppings that have been carefully chosen to compliment and contrast with the charcoal base now available are:

Margherita Nera: Bufalo Mozzarella - San Marzano Tomato - Cherry tomato & Basil. $24

Nerone: Fior Di Latte - Yellow Capsicum - Red Capsicum - Anchovies $23

Borgo: San Marzano tomato - Fior Di latte - Caramelised Onion - Deep Fried Eggplant - Mixed Mushrooms - Cacioricotta $23

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