Botanic Gardens Pomegranate Dinner

Rebecca Varidel
30th May 2015

Some scholars believe that the forbidden fruit in which Eve indulged in the Garden Of Eden was actually a pomegranate and not an apple. According to the Pomegranate Council during their history, pomegranates have been symbols of prosperity, hope, and abundance in every part of the world. They have inspired historical leaders, brilliant authors, and famous artists and their presence has been recorded in history, mythical lore, artistic and literary symbolism, and classic art.

Over 8,000 years ago, it is considered that the pomegranate became one of the first cultivated fruits. Native to Persia and to China, around 800 BC pomegranates were prominently featured in Greek art during the Orientalizing Period, a time when their culture was influenced by Syria and Phoenicia. One hundred years later, pomegranates came to Rome and were depicted in mosaics, most notably at the House of the Fruit Orchard in Pompeii. Women wore head-dresses made of pomegranate twigs to signify their marital status. In Buddhism, the pomegranate is one of the three blessed fruits and represents the essence of favourable influences in art.

Closer to home and in time, pomegranates were planted in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, and although it is a hardy fruit tree, the first commercial crop in Australia was only planted as recently as 2006. This month, the Botanic Gardens Restaurant chose the pomegranate to celebrate seasonal produce in the first of its Produce to Plate dinners, showcasing a single, seasonal, local ingredient from the gardens in a four course menu with matching Tyrrell's wines.

Pomegranate custard, sesame, watercress

Carpaccio of kingfish, shaved fennel, plum, pomegranate, dill

Smoked & braised lamb breast, chickpea, preserved lemon, pomegranate salad

Heirloom tomato, red pepper & oregano salad, pomegranate molasses dressing

Pomegranate, puffed rice, malt meringue cereal caramelised white chocolate coconut, sheep's milk yoghurt

$5 of every booking of the dinner was proudly donated to the Foundation & Friends of the Botanic Gardens.

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