Bottega Coco

Rebecca Varidel
20th Aug 2023

Cakes. Pastries. Chocolates. These are the first stunning things you see as you enter new Italian restaurant Bottega Coco. From renowned pastry chef Vincent Gadan, these beauties alone are enough recent to visit. A highlight includes L'Opera House, a unique dessert shaped to pay tribute to the Sydney Opera House. Office morning teas in Barangaroo will never be the same again.

Yes, the inspired luscious desserts are available as take away, but why not pamper yourself if you're already there and take a seat at the table. Dining in at Bottega Coco Barangaroo has a lot to offer.

Bottega Coco is a unique and stylish Italian Restaurant and Patisserie, with honed hospitality, as well as a contemporary and relevant focus on sustainability. Partnering with CLIMA, a renowned sustainability consultancy, Bottega Coco establishes itself as a leader in sustainable dining practices. The collaboration ensures that every aspect of the restaurant's operations aligns with the highest environmental standards. Taking over the space formerly occupied by Bel and Brio, Bottega Coco repurposed 80% of the fit-out, including their dining tables and upholstered chairs, while retaining the bar and cellar and relocating and extending the patisserie.

At the helm of the kitchen is Executive Chef Pier Davide Maiuri, with his deep understanding of Italian cuisine, sustainable ingredients, and meticulous attention to detail, Bottega Coco brings classic Italian dishes to the table, casual yet classy.

The Bottega Coco sustainability practices extend into their kitchen by including sustainable ingredients, including MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) Certified seafood and innovative vertical farming practices. Beyond the bar and booths and table seating, in the restaurant the living salad and edible garnish bar is in view in a prominent position.

The Bottega Coco menu offers choices to please everyone from starters of Bruschetta Caprese, through house made fig and ricotta foccacia, to Champagne risotto, a range of pastas (gnocchi, tortellini), and pizze (Tuna carpaccio pizza sounds divine). We most enjoyed a fine fresh cut steak tartare.

Fun fact: did you know that the English meaning of tortellini is stuffed pasta (from torta - cakes) although some refer to them as 'little belly buttons'? Legend has it that the pasta shaped was inspired by the belly button of Venus, the Roman Goddess of love.

The Bottega Cocowine list is wonderful, and suitably extensive. Service is welcoming and charming and correct. Hallelujah!

Open seven days from 7am until late.