Beer + Bourbon Experience

Kate Young
16th Oct 2022

The Buffalo Bourbon bus is coming…. and you’re going to want to be on board.

Bourbon and beer lovers it’s time to join forces as the critically acclaimed Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky is giving you the chance to grab a spot on the ultimate bourbon-fuelled brewery Tour this October. Along the way, participants will stop at four of the inner-west’s most notable breweries, in a bid to find the perfect “boilmaker beer-bud”.

On the 20th of October, Craft beer enthusiasts and lovers of fine bourbon are to jump onboard the purpose-built Buffalo Trace Bus. The trip will be led by whiskey experts who will narrate a tour to four epic breweries- White Bay Beer Co, Wayward Brewing (One of my favs), Stockade and Mixtape Brewing & Bar. Each stop will include an interactive sneak peak and stories about Buffalo Trace Distillery, exclusive tasting of boilermakers specially brewed just for Buffalo Trace, a feast of cured meat and cheese platters will be served and finishing off with a bourbon BBQ dinner. Now if that doesn’t send the taste buds running, guests will also be sent home with a bottle of Buffalo Trace Bourbon to enjoy.

This rockstar night wouldn’t be complete without a few guest appearances, so keep an eye out along the way as some of Buffalo Trace Distillery’s most sought-after whiskies, such as Pappy Van Winkle (regarded as one of the finest bourbons in the world, and can be extremely difficult to find due to its very low production and high demand), Weller (An Antique “wheated” Bourbon Whisky) and Eagle Rare (straight bourbon and 17 year antique collection) may also make their way on the tour, but the only way you will find out is if you have a lucky ticket.

The bourbon excursion kicks off at 5pm with its first stop being White Bay Beer Co, where their Balmain Velvet Schwarzbier dark beer will be paired up with Buffalo Trace to complement the bourbon with its spiced toffee profile, whilst the bitterness will dance over your back palate, in readiness for that next shot of bourbon.

Next stop - Wayward Brewing Co, Sydney’s top rated craft microbrewery. The brewery pays homage to the classic European style of beer while creating something with a distinct, Wayward twist, including the special brew just for Buffalo Trace, the “Imperial Stout”. Layered with caramel and chocolate infused malts with rye. Expect notes of molasses, vanilla and dark cacao with a residual sweetness to compliment Buffalo Trace Bourbon’s rich flavours of toffee, vanilla and molasses.
Third stop - Stockade, a brewer’s playground where one-offs and small batches are born. Once an old cheese factory, the bar and microbrewery has now expanded into a 750 square metre warehouse with a 10-metre-long bar and up to 100 barrels stacked throughout - a few of which were previously used to age Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The exciting and innovative brewery is where you can find Buffalo’s mate, “the Pepperberry Porter” - The botanicals from this lighter beer, perfectly match with the smoky flavours of the bourbon, creating an incredibly unique blend on the palate.
Wrapping up the tour is the iconic Mixtape Brewing & Bar, Jason Newton (head brewer and big Buffalo Trace fan) will serve up the “Buffalo Bourbon Amber Ale” boilermaker, paired with a Buffalo Trace Smoked Meat dinner. This boilermaker is a match made in heaven, with the sweet notes of Buffalo Trace Bourbon complimenting the amber malt, whilst contrasting against the American hops.

Tickets are highly sorted and are already selling quickly so I highly advise you jump on the ticket link ASAP to secure your spot! Priced at just $99 for the full tour, that includes the four brewery visits, boilermakers, cheese platters and BBQ dinner, plus a bottle of Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (700ml/RRP $60) to take home and unforgettable stories that attendees will never forget.

A small side note for those poor souls that miss out on tickets, don’t fret – because the exclusive boilermakers created just for this tour will be available at 3 of the breweries - Wayward, Stockade and Mixtape - throughout the month of October.

Tickets will be available through Eventbrite for a limited time only, so Buffalo Trace Bourbon fans jump on this quickly not to miss a spot of the Buffalo Brewery Bus Tour!

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Buffalo Trace Instagram: @buffalotraceau
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