Burger Point Filipino Fusion

Rebecca Varidel
17th Jun 2023

Filipino food is on the up and up. And, not just in Australia. On my recent travels I found the Filino Food Movement rising in popularity all over the world.

In Sydney, one of the best Filipino fusion success stories is Burger Point.

Burger Point dishes up super tasty burgers that are a little bit different to anything we're seeing at the moment in Sydney.

Burger Point is a Filipino-fusion burger franchise that has moved its way through the Western suburbs of Sydney (with 6 stores opening in the past 7 years!) and has recently opened up its first CBD store in Circular Quay. They make some pretty out-there burgers, including one Lizzo recommended while visiting Sydney back in 2019 for its cheesy dip and another topped with a Donut Glaze bun, crispy bacon bits and a sprinkle of cheese. It sounds a little crazy, but is so sooooo delish.

As an Aussie you will probs want beetroot on your burger, and the yummy Burger Point ultra version is with beetroot relish. When you order your burger, you'll be asked "how do you want your patty - medium or well done?" How super hero is that?

Vegetarians are catered for too. Think, mushrooms and halloumi on your milk bun.

Loaded fries are a must have here. There are lots of options in the look-good decorations, including a box with added pulled pork. Filipino spaghetti needs another visit.

Shakes are the bomb! If you want to stay true to Filipino culture, go for the purple ube (purple yam) which is so popular as a flavour in Filipino cuisine and terrific in sweet treats. For those less adventurous, or just vanilla fans, Madagascan vanilla shake is the drink.

Yes, and don't leave Burger Point without trying the famous Filipino dessert - halo halo - shaved iced with evaporated milk, and trimmings from shaved coconut, and custard, to a scoop of purple ube ice cream. There's always room in the dessert stomach for a little bit more
isn't there?