Calle Rey

Mimi Dang
20th May 2023

Calle Rey - Vegan flavours with a Peruvian-Japanese twist

In a bustling city like Sydney, where culinary diversity thrives, Calle Rey emerged in 2020 as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. Founded by Madi Cohen and led by head chef JC, this extraordinary restaurant aims to challenge preconceived notions of veganism while championing a commitment to sustainability. Nestled within its walls, patrons embark on a sensory journey, indulging in a unique fusion of Mexican, Japanese, and Peruvian flavors that defy expectations and captivate the taste buds.

Madi’s dream was to fill this culinary gap in the Sydney food scene that she experienced in her travels to Europe and America. Vegan food just hit different there. Stepping into Calle Rey is like entering a Mexican oasis, with enchanting twinkling fairy lights and captivating murals adorning the walls. Beyond its eccentric interiors, Calle Rey shines brightly with its dedication to flavor.

The menu, carefully crafted to challenge conventional perceptions of plant-based cuisine, entices even the most devoted meat-eater to question their assumptions. Executive Chef Juan Carlos “JC” Miranda is a renowned culinary artist. Hailing from Lima, Peru, he is nationally recognised for his advanced culinary skills and ability to create colourful and innovative dishes.

“I’ve always had a passion for food, and when I became an executive chef I was able to research more into the local produce. And that’s how I found my deeper passion for plant-based food”, said JC.

Drawing inspiration from Mexican, Japanese, and Peruvian culinary traditions, each dish at Calle Rey boasts a harmonious fusion that lingers on the palate long after the last bite. The dishes are sure to excite like the Maki Furai, a crispy maki roll with ‘crab’ kanikama topped with crispy sweet potato and the buffalo cauliflower wings which come drizzled with a smokey bbq sauce, garlic confit and chives.

One standout feature at Calle Rey is its Diablo Pisco Bar, an innovative concept that introduces the underrepresented Peruvian scene to the Sydney dining landscape. This pioneering endeavor combines elements of the traditional Tequila Bar with a plant-based twist, ensuring that customers with a penchant for exceptional cocktails can align their choices with their plant-based values. Patrons can choose from cocktails such as the Maracuya sour or share a refreshing, Pisco-based fruity mix served in a huge glass with an unturned Vodka cruiser.

Calle Rey's impact extends beyond its walls, as it aspires to redefine veganism for the everyday consumer. By challenging stereotypes and pushing culinary boundaries, Madi and JC invite a wider audience to embrace the idea that vegan cuisine can be both innovative and delectable. The restaurant serves as a testament to the transformative power of food, inspiring a shift in the way we perceive plant-based dining experiences. Treat your taste buds to a sensory journey and indulge in the unique fusion of Mexican, Japanese, and Peruvian flavors that defy expectations!