Coogee Bay Hotel

Mimi Dang
3rd Nov 2022

Coogee Bay Hotel: New Look, New Menu

When locals and visitors think of Coogee Beach, where else to take shelter from the elements and enjoy some fresh seafood than the Coogee Bay Hotel, a place that has been frequented by the locals since 1878.

Nowadays it looks very different with a newly renovated restaurant space offering a refreshingly new dining experience. The Marra Bar and Grill is where you see both families and friends gather to share a colourful array of dishes or tuck into their own. ‘Marra’ derives from a northern English word which means ‘a friend, pal, buddy or mate’ so naturally this is an experience you have to share. There is something for everyone and we were lucky enough to sample its new menu and savour all the ingredients that this summer have to offer.

Coogee Bay Hotel’s General Manager David Gregory and executive chef Nathan Tillot bring us a menu that pays homage to the beautiful ocean as well as an international flair. Here, QLD Tiger Prawns are drizzled in a citrusy Marie Rose dressing and Sweet Corn ‘ribs’ are chargrilled with dashi butter. For something more filling, the whole baby trout seems to fall from the bone and the scotch fillet is cooked to perfection with a rosy centre. And of course all good food needs to be accompanied by good drink and the signature cocktail menu does not disappoint. David Gregory, the general manager lent his genius to the creation of the Marra Martini, a light and fun mixture of gin and passionfruit. If you thought soju couldn’t mix with aperol, think again as the wittily named Soju think you can dance cocktail proved us wrong!

If you love to dine in unique spaces, the ceiling appears to curve away like a rolling wave and the hessian fabric lining it is both functional and aesthetic. Marra’s menu can be enjoyed in all three spaces within the Coogee Bay Hotel including the Garden and the Sports Bar. You won’t miss the sunshine or a minute of the game. The cawing of the seagulls and the bustle of beachgoers become faraway as you relish in a menu that sure knows how to nourish and delight.

Picture source: Coogee Bay Hotel