Dessert Queens Of Instagram

Rebecca Varidel
21st Feb 2015

Shangri La Hotel Executive Pastry Chef Anna Polyviou has an amazing 20K+ followers on instagram. Her bio starts "Having Fun Creating Wicked Sweet Treats... "

A week or so ago, along with other party guests I joined Anna and guest home baker Katherine Sabbath in the Shangri La Hotel kitchen for some special treats at a dessert degustation. The evening wasn't just about eating, though there was lots of that. We got to put together our own hamburger cake to package and take home. And there were balloons and streamers and music - Anna has her own personal DJ.

If you think Anna has a lot of instagram followers, self-described "over-enthusiastic High School Teacher who on occasion, bakes the world a better place" Katherine Sabbath at last count had more than 80,000...

Our party started with fairy floss and childhood lollies. Then...

"Casey's Birthday Cake"
Banana, passionfruit, caramel

"Fairy Bread Mag-Anna"
Hundreds and thousands, bread

"Pina Colada Piñata"
Pina colada, tropical fruit, baby coriander

"Kat's Fave Party Flaves"
Pandan, coconut, black sesame seed

"Kiddo Crunch"
Chocolate crackle, vanilla, raspberry

"Take Katherine Sabbath Home"

We all like a happy ending, and each of these dessert queens had somewhat of a misfit start in life, until they found their sweet niche.

Just a few days after the event Anna had this fan-bloody-tastic video of the night up on her instagram. Well worth a watch. And you can see more photos of their creations in both the girls streams too.

Anna Polyviou holds monthly dessert classes for the public in the pastry kitchen of the Shangri La Hotel. A seat at one of her monthly Dessert Degustations will see guests rub shoulders with culinary glitterati during a five-course sugar adventure to a background of old skool hip hop tunes from collaborator DJ Broox. Waitlists can reach 200 for only 24 seats and talents have included Andy Bowdy from Hartsyard in Newtown, Donato Toce from Gelato Messina and buddy Zumbo himself.

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