Diplomático Rum Cocktail Kit

Kate Young
11th Aug 2022

Diplomático drop a custom cocktail kit in celebration of National Rum Day 2022

Did you know that RUM stands Regular Used Medicine? I must say I didn't, but let's be honest, who here hasn't indulged in a few too many Dark & Stormys, dreamt of sipping Pina Coladas beachside on a deserted island (cue Rupert Holmes Escape) or been on the receiving end of an eyeroll given from a Swanky Bartender as you order a round of Mojitos (Sydney bars I'm looking at you). There is a reason why it is a hugely loved and popular spirit (placing third just behind vodka and gin). Now I must admit I haven't always been a rum drinker, but as I grow older I've developed quite the taste for it and you will find me scouring the bars' shelves for some new brand to try.

August 16th is National Rum Day, and to help you celebrate the wonderful folks from Diplomático and Box Bar have teamed up for a n epic Virtual Rum Journey. Your ticket aboard comes in the form of their limited edition custom cocktail kit. Once purchases these beautiful kits will be sent direct to your door and include everything you could need from mixers to garnishes. Included of course is Diplomático's signature, Reserva Exclusiva Rum. The rum itself marries a classic body of flavours (orange peel, toffee and liquorice) with the finest of finishing notes (hints of fudge). Described as "Christmas in a bottle" it's no wonder this seductress is multi-awardwinning and used as a reference for connoisseurs and fine spirits lovers around the glove.

So what's in THE KIT you ask?

Everything you could possibly need to make some KILLER COCKTAILS

Each kit is lovingly hand packed and portioned out so the only thing you need to portion out is the alcohol.... hmmmm do I go for a single or a double? (REALLY the only question is to I share or keep it all to myself?) Each kit contains enough to make either 6 (or 3 generous) cocktails and with its very easy to follow recipe cards, you will have your own Speak Easy joint happening in no time.

Each Exclusiva Box includes 100ml Diplomático Exclusiva Reserva, 50ml Diplomático Mantauno, 100ml Capi ginger ale, 13ml dry curaçao, 17ml lime juice, Angostura bitters, brown sugar, white sugar, orange peel, dried apple slices, a cinnamon stick and three collectable hand-illustrated cocktail cards for your home bar.

But wait, there's more - as a bonus for anyone who places an order via Box Bar, individual access will be granted to a virtual rum masterclass hosted by Diplomático Brand Ambassador Sai Hamsala, and James Harvey-Fiander (Chief Experience Officer at Box Bar. The first of these classes will take place on National Rum Day 2022 (Wednesday 16 August) I know, a school night I hear you say - but there will also be two Saturdays (20 August and 27 August) to follow if that suits you better. Both gentlemen have years of experience under their belts and are here to help you along your rum travels. The masterclass is an hour long session and both Sai and James give you the opportunity to the art of cocktail creation from the master mixologists themselves, walking you through each signature cocktail, you will learn the history behind each cocktail, cocktail making tecniques, even the art of sipping rum, and of course helping you expand your knowledge and understanding of the spirit.

I highly enjoyed. Sai is a very charismatic Master of Ceremonies, and James was very knowledgeable and patient, very happy to answer questions during the session. I recommend this to those now more inclined to enjoy a night in rather than a night out, or simply if you are rum obsessed.

Diplomático x Box Bar is a beautiful way to sample some of the industry's best.