Fishing In Your Own Backyard

Rebecca Varidel
23rd Aug 2016

Australia's First Interactive Online Fish Market

To place an order, simply visit

Peter Manettas Seafood will service the greater Sydney area, including (but not limited to) Palm Beach right through to Penrith and the greater Southern Sydney region. Orders must be placed by midnight for next day delivery or can be ordered up to a week in advance.

Launching tomorrow the online seafood hub, Peter Manettas Seafood will offer over 100 different seafood products to consumers. All products will be sourced directly from the Sydney Fish Market morning auction (open exclusively to industry), suppliers across Australia and the local fishing community. Peter  Manettas  Seafood  has  developed  a  custom  platform,  giving  their  customers  a  true  fish  market  experience  without  having   to  leave  the  comfort  of  their  home.  The  website  will  allow  people  to  select  their  product  from  the  extensive  range  available  as   well  as  tailor  their  chosen  products  to  meet  their  specific  cooking  requirements.      

“The  array  of  fresh  fish  and  seafood  we  have  available  will  suit  the  palette  of  any  Australian  household  whether  you’re   entertaining  or  just  planning  your  weekly  menu.  It  doesn’t  matter  if  your  preference  is  oysters,  prawns  or  sashimi  or  if  you  fancy   a  few  perfectly  filleted  pieces  of  barramundi,  snapper  or  salmon.  We  have  the  best  seasonal  product  available  for  Peter   Manettas  Seafood  customers,”  commented  Mr  Manettas.      

“From  launch,  we  will  also  offer  weekly  seafood  mixed  boxes  which  include  an  assortment  of  fresh  seasonal  fish  and  seafood   that  takes  a  trip  to  the  local  fish-­‐monger  from  your  weekly  to-­‐do  list.  For  the  adventurous  chefs  among  us,  we  will  also  have  a   range  of  live  seafood  deliveries.  Peter  Manettas  Seafood  will  handpick  your  order  directly  from  the  Sydney  Fish  Market  morning   auction  and  prepare  your  order  to  your  precise  requirements,”  continued  Mr  Manettas.      

“For  ease  of  ordering,  customers  can  either  select  the  number  of  individual  pieces  they  would  like,  as  well  as  having  the  ability   to  understand  how  many  prawns  they  will  get  to  the  kilo,”  says  Mr  Manettas.  “We  also  offer  completely  customisable   processing  for  all  orders  placed.  Depending  on  the  type  of  fish  or  seafood  you  order,  you  will  have  the  ability  to  have  it  filleted,   portioned,  or  even  cut  into  cutlets.  Your  prawns  can  be  peeled  and  deveined  in  different  ways  and  your  green  prawns  can  be   butterflied  ready  to  cook;  the  choice  is  ultimately  yours.  Shopping  with  Peter  Manettas  Seafood  is  not  only  the  equivalent  of   visiting  your  local  fish  monger,  it’s  almost  like  having  him  in  the  kitchen  with  you!”